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Kurtz Bros. Inc. Kurtz Bros. Inc. / HQ: Independence, Ohio / Employees: 100 / Specialty: Organic recycling and landscaping Jason Ziss, PM: “Landfills are filling up and there is a lot of attention paid to the way waste is being handled.” Reclaiming Its Future kurtz bros. inc. finds new uses for demolition and waste material and helps its clients become more sustainable in the process. by brooke infusino kurtz bros. gray business handles the recycling of material that can be reused in topsoil or compost. How do you make good earth better? It’s the question that Kurtz Bros. Inc. has been asking itself well before sustainability became the big buzzword it is today. The company might have found its answer, however, in its quest to create new applications for its landscape product and material recycling divisions, which Project Manager Jason Ziss dubs the “green” and “gray” sides of the business. Kurtz Bros. started out as a topsoil provider to landscapers and homeowners in 1939. For years, the company has been providing the landscape industry with environmentally friendly products and waste reclamation services throughout Ohio. Kurtz is 116 SPRING 2010 still a family owned and operated business run by the Kurtz family, and remains focused on promoting environmental sustainability, whether it is by manufacturing mulch from wood scraps or by diverting spent foundry sand from the landfill. The company currently operates four production facilities and four landscape centers where it sells products. The green side of the company is responsible for selling soils, mulch, hardscape product, aggregates and decorative stone and some plant products. The gray side of the business handles material recycling for a wide range of materials, which are diverted from landfills and rec- laimed for reuse in products such as topsoil or compost. “We see a lot of the recycling points centered in green building and we are finding that we can make more and more products that satisfy the need for that product,” Ziss says. “We are finding more niche areas in the green market, which is going to be around for a long time, so there are lots of opportunities for an inflow of ideas. “There is a real push toward reducing our environmental impact,” Ziss continues. “Our landfills are filling up and there is a lot of attention paid to the way waste is being handled, so things should get easier.” Each of its reclamation facilities

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Manufacturing Today - Spring 2010
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Manufacturing Today - Spring 2010