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Fampec Technology LLC / HQ: Murfreesboro, Tenn. / 2009 sales: $2.1 million / Employees: 22 / Service: Machined parts / Joey Farmer, owner: “I was able to make mistakes and talk about them and work through them.” fampec technology recruits new employees from the tennessee technology center. Cultivating Talent fampec thrives from the bond between joey farmer and his mentor, jack hooper. by brian salgado Many of us have met a person in our life that reminds us that our course of action was the right way to go and offered hints when the desired path might not be for the best. Whether it’s a parent, teacher, older relative, a sibling, etc., a solid mentor can deftly guide an advisee toward success that could surpass their own. But it’s a rare occasion that an aspiring entrepreneur can partner with the person who taught him everything about his trade when embarking on the journey to start his own business. Joey Farmer gained that valuable tool in 2001 when his teacher from the Tennessee Tech126 SPRING 2010 nology Center (TTC) – Jack Hooper – became a partner in the merger that formed Fampec Technology LLC. Farmer met Hooper in 1994 when he enrolled at TTC of Clarksville, Tenn. After graduating high school, Farmer knew he wanted to run his own machine shop, and he made that clear in his entrance interview at TTC, with Hooper in tow. A one-time business owner himself, Hooper took it upon himself to give Farmer business management assignments, such as exercises focusing on quoting and estimating. Farmer founded his own company – Famco Machine Co. – after graduating from TTC in 1996 at his grandpar- ents’ farm with one machine and classmate David Cuevas, who is still in the business today as the plant manager. All the while, Farmer says he stayed in touch with Hooper on a weekly – and sometimes daily – basis with questions about running a business. “When I was concerned about finding an employee or deciding on buying equipment, he would consult with me,” Farmer says. In 2000, Farmer was approached by an electronics assembly company based in Murfreesboro about a merger to deliver turnkey mechanical assemblies. This was when Hooper made the transition from trusted advisor to business partner, and Fampec Technology was born. Today, the company has 22 employees and serves customers in the military, medical and energy sectors out of its 10,000-square-foot facility. As a result of their unique rise to the helm of their own company, Farmer and Hooper are big believers in the value of a solid education. In fact, Fampec Technology continues to mine for potential employees from TTC as a way to infuse the company with youthful diversification it might otherwise miss when hiring from a pool of industry veterans. “Most companies talk a good game, but they don’t go out of their way to accommodate students,” Hooper says. “We made that a main thrust of our operations. “The diversification is a key to our success. People buy these machine tools and tend to do their business with their own: young people with young people, or medical working with medical,” he says. “Machine shops, though, are on the lower level, and jobs should be born out of those industries.” Riding it Out While the relationship between Hooper and Farmer has been a success, that doesn’t mean Fampec Tech-

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Manufacturing Today - Spring 2010
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Manufacturing Today - Spring 2010