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Liburdi Dimetrics / Manufacturing sites: Dundas, Ontario, and Charlotte, N.C. / Employees: 200 / Products: Orbital welding equipment Liburdi Dimetrics: “Our engineering and weld lab facilities can provide specific solutions in both routine and complex weld procedures.” liburdi dimetrics has been a pioneer in the development of orbital welding equipment for tube and pipe since 1967. Infused Innovation liburdi dimetrics has a new facility to develop orbital welding equipment for tube and pipe manufacturing. Part of the Liburdi Group, Liburdi Dimetrics says it has set the industry standard for orbital welding equipment. Since 1967, Dimetrics has been a pioneer in the development of orbital welding equipment for tube and pipe. In 1997, Dimetrics was incorporated into the Liburdi Group and infused technology with orbital products from the Hobart Brothers Co. Advanced Welding Group. Liburdi Dimetrics makes an extensive range of orbital welding products 138 SPRING 2010 and precision lathes, seamers and positioners. The company uses advanced technologies acquired from Dimetrics, Hobart, Merrick Engineering and Weldline that are enhanced by Liburdi. “Offering an extensive range of GMAW, GTAW and Hot Wire orbital weld heads and power supplies, Liburdi Dimetrics excels at the precision welding of tube and pipe, medical devices, power plant, nuclear and automotive components,” the company says. In addition, Liburdi designs and builds custom industrial welding systems for applications in fields such as power generation, ship building, medical, electronics, automotive and aerospace. Liburdi’s main offices and manufacturing plants are located in Dundas, Ontario, and Charlotte, N.C. The company also has locations in Europe. The Liburdi Group is made up of Liburdi Engineering Ltd., Liburdi Turbine Services Inc., Liburdi Automation and Liburdi Dimetrics. “Since 1979, Liburdi has pioneered the development of metallurgical processes and technologies required for reliable analysis and refurbishment of aero and industrial gas turbine components,” the company asserts. “Through innovation and dedication to quality, Liburdi has become a recognized leader in turbine repair and life extension technologies, as well as a supplier of automated equipment used to weld, machine and coat aerospace and industrial components.” The company’s materials engineering services include manufacture and repair support, failure analysis, remaining life analysis and materials seminars. Metallurgical processes include overlay coating, plasma spray, vacuum heat treatments, hot isostatic pressing and laser processing. Gas turbine services include component refurbishment, rejuvenation heat treatments, and efficiency and power upgrades. Liburdi also offers precision welding equipment. Liburdi Dimetrics’ services department can also develop specifications for third-party use, and offers equipment and technical support services for both field and shop environments. “Our engineering and weld lab facilities can provide specific solutions in both routine and complex weld procedures, including destructive testing, non-destructive testing and metallurgical analysis,” the company says.

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Manufacturing Today - Spring 2010
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Manufacturing Today - Spring 2010