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SPRING 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS features> 24. Departments > Global Strategies It is important to know how to bridge the international divide during negotiations. Page 8 8. 20. E CONOMY N EWS C ONTENTS C ONTENTS Cost Concerns To create long-term success in the area of cost reduction, it is important to truly understand costs and how to manage them. Page 12 Growth Opportunities Shifting to growth strategies is seldom easy, but success, now more than ever, depends on good strategies. Page 16 Manufacturing Tomorrow The Indian and U.S. manufacturing industries both plan to improve their ability to compete in the global market. Page 152 Features > Profitability For companies that rarely sell the same product twice, dialing in the right price can be a significant challenge. Page 20 Continuous Improvement Whether developing a new project with teams spread around the globe or creating a manufacturing process to create a better product, there is room for improvement. Page 22 > On The Cover > Gardner Denver marked its 150th birthday last year and is celebrating by making a massive culture shift toward lean production and improved service. Page 38 SPRING 2010 Partnerships Cost-saving concerns still prevail, but more companies want vendors to act as strategic partners in a risk/reward model. Page 24 Business Value Instead of liquidating assets through bankruptcy, there is another accepted insolvency mechanism that also prevents deepening losses and is worthy of consideration. Page 26

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Manufacturing Today - Spring 2010
Global Strategies
Cost Concerns
Growth Opportunities
Continuous Improvement
Business Value
Juanita’s Foods
Les Plats du Chef
Gardner Denver
Smeal Fire Apparatus Co.
Club Car Inc.
Parkson Corp.
MKS Instruments Inc.
Amity Technology
Co-Operative Industries
Corbi Plastics
Elyria/Hodge Foundries Co.
Inteplast Group Ltd.
Willbanks Metals
Zotos International Inc.
Akron Foundry Co.
Alo North America
Bosal International
First American Plastic Molding Enterprise
MAC Equipment
Mayville Engineering Co. Inc.
Kurtz Bros. Inc.
Aesco Electronics
Code 3 Inc.
Columbia Marking Tools
Euro-Rite Cabinets
Fampec Technology LLC
Faubion Associates Inc.
Ginsey Industries Inc.
Imagineering Finishing Technologies
Imperial Woodworks Inc.
Innovative Lighting
Liburdi Dimetrics
MTC Transformers
Plastiques GPR
S.A. Robotics
Sunrise Windows
Positran Manufacturing Inc.
Manufacturing Tomorrow

Manufacturing Today - Spring 2010