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Inteplast Group Ltd. / HQ: Lolita, Texas / Employees: 1,450 / Specialty: Plastics Dr. John Young, president: “Only a transparent operation can achieve complete integrity.” the single-largest integrated manufacturing site for converted plastics in North America. In addition, the company has 12 plants in global locations. Inteplast has invested in automation to a paperless level that is seldom seen in the industry. In addition, the entire manufacturing organization follows a total quality management (TQM) concept through which every step of the operation is standardized and optimized by means of continuous improvement. In fact, the TQM process has ensured that it produces the best-quality products and achieves branding and credibility success without engaging in any advertising or promotional campaigns, Young explains. Young took time to explain to Manufacturing Today the inter-workings behind the firm he co-founded, including the process of becoming a global supplier, its commitment to sustainability and how it is optimizing its manufacturing operations. Manufacturing Today: How has Inteplast’s operating philosophy changed since it was founded in 1990? Dr. John Young: We have changed very little. We utilize every single management tool available to us, but the central philosophy remains the same, namely to aim continuously for operational excellence while fostering selfless teamwork among all the associates of our group. To achieve operational excellence, we seek to break the operation into manageable and tangible steps, each of which is standardized and subsequently optimized. We then develop excruciatingly detailed procedures, steps and training methods to help our associates achieve these standards as well as quality control measures to assure their attainment. This is what we call total quality management – the sum total of approaching operations through tangible, manageable and measurable steps that are optimized. through three divisions – amtopp, integrated bagging systems and world-pak – inteplast produces highquality plastic products. Clear-Cut Goals plastics manufacturer inteplast group goes global without relying on imports. by brooke infusino In 1990, Dr. John Young co-founded Inteplast Group Ltd. with the belief that the United States could still create a competitive manufacturing organization in spite of the long-term, general decline in its manufacturing sector. The company’s success is a product of the pursuit of integration, economies of scale, strong management and teamwork. Inteplast has essentially provided a model of how future manufacturing organizations can grow in the United States. 80 SPRING 2010 Inteplast products include tape films, grocery/retail bags, merchandise bags, trash bags, deli films, stretch wraps, corrugated plastics, plastic containers and boxes, and plastic, trim and decking boards. It runs three divisions: AmTopp, Integrated Bagging Systems and World-Pak. “We have gone from zero to the top three market positions in the short span of 10 years,” Young says. According to Young, Inteplast’s manufacturing site in Lolita, Texas, is

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Manufacturing Today - Spring 2010
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