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Restonic Mattresses / HQ: Johannesburg, South Africa / Employees: 1,100 / Specialty: Bedding and bedding component manufacturer Mike Metz, president: "We love what we do, and my team all have the same focus and passion for our products and our brand." nations of Mozambique, Tanzania, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. “We love what we do, and we all have the same passion,” he says. “There is no need from management to continuously have to watch over our team – our team is all focused on the same goals and ambitions to stay ahead of the opposition at all times.” Restonic employs more than 1,100 people across nine facilities that have a combined floor space of roughly 200,000 square meters. The company produces 10,000 units per day in component form for export and local consumption, including 1,500 to 2,000 units per shift of completed products for its local brands. Credit Crunch Like much of the rest of the world, South Africa’s financial institutions have tightened the restrictions on credit. This did not have much impact on Restonic because most of its customers had already switched their credit sales to cash sales before the credit crunch came about. “Like in America, it is now not so easy for a poor man to get credit,” he says. “But you adjust and life goes on. We just need to become more aggressive and efficient and stay in touch with the marketplace.” To address this new reality, Restonic Mattresses has invested heavily in its operations with new equipment and technology to better streamline its production. The company’s first such project is currently underway with a U.S.based equipment manufacturer installing robotics in the Johannesburg plant. Metz says this project is the first of its kind in the worldwide mattress manufacturing industry and will be completed in March or April of 2011. Once the first prototype has been put into production, Restonic has a second-phase project in the works, restonic mattresses has made major upgrades to its facility to increase quality and efficiency. Early to Bed restonic mattresses plans to expand beyond the south african borders. by brian salgado The continent of Africa has approximately 2.3 billion people, and a sizeable portion of the population will need bedding in the near future. Restonic Mattresses of Johannesburg, South Africa, is working to be the supplier of choice in the numerous emerging markets. “The way we see it going forward, we will be expanding across our borders,” says Lance Metz, operations director who represents the fourth generation of the Metz family owner78 SPRING 2011 ship of Restonic. “We understand the African market, so that is why we want to grab a piece of that pie.” Restonic was originally founded as a bedroom furniture manufacturer by the late Isaac Metz in 1928. His son, Norman, joined the business in 1947 and current President Mike Metz came aboard in 1975. The company shuttered its furniture line 25 years ago and today focuses strictly on bedding, primarily serving South Africa and the neighboring

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Manufacturing Today - Spring 2011
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