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® Cover THE MAGAZINE FOR DOG AGILITY ENTHUSIASTS FEBRUARY 15 PHOTOS © PHYLLIS ENSLEY PHOTOGRAPHY, KAREN HOCKER PHOTOGRAPHY, TOM MITCHELL 44 Agility After Joint Replacements If you're facing a hip or knee replacement, you probably have questions that your surgeon is unable to answer, unless he's an agility competitor. How long before you can start working with your dog? How long before you can enter trials? Will you have to change your handling? By Jan Manning 51 When Things Go Wrong No matter how great our plan of action for a sequence in training or competition, things can and do go wrong. What we do when our plans get foiled can have a huge effect on our dogs' training and attitude. Here are some strategies to help you build good habits. By Sandy Rogers VOLUME 21 NUMBER 02 56 Being an Innovative Dog Trainer: Reinforcement Strategy, Formula 1 If you want to supercharge your dog's behaviors and get more speed and motivation, the key is reinforcement strategy. There are six components of reinforcement. We'll talk about schedule and markers this month. By Tom Mitchell Features 5 Editorializing: Going to the Dark Side We all love our dogs, and words that are casually tossed around to criticize our breed choices hurt, as they put into question our relationship with our best friend. It's time to stop. By Frankie Joiris 10 Conditioning Canine Athletes: Body Awareness & Balance Training for Puppies Starting body awareness training with your puppy at an early age is key to establishing efficient movement and reducing the chance of injury. By Bobbie Lyons, Cert CF 12 Weave Skills and Drills, Part 1: Foundation Work This month you'll establish a motivator to use in your weave pole training and learn a basic weave exercise that you'll continue to build on in future exercises. By Ann Croft 15 Power Paws Drills: Weaverville This setup doesn't take up much space in the yard and provides some weave entries of midlevel difficulty, enough jump handling and pulls to the opposite end of the tunnel to test your prowess on that skill, and many opportunities to practice front and double front crosses. By Nancy Gyes 30 Class Plans from Happy Dog Ranch One of the challenges instructors face each week is designing exercises and courses that require little moving of equipment between groups and challenge all the students in the class while not making it so difficult that they cannot be successful. By Kristy Netzer 40 Bionic Dogs The science of veterinary orthotics and prosthetics is developing rapidly based on the same technology used for human beings. There are now vets who specialize in providing this new therapy which has uses for dogs injured in sport. By Patrice M. Mich, DVM 19 When "Run Faster" Isn't an Option, Part 1: Preschool There seems to be a misconception amongst many that distance is all about handling. It is not. It is all about dog training. If you can't run, you must be a much better dog trainer and motivator in order to get your dog around an agility course successfully. By Helen Grinnell King 22 Using the Treat & Train to Maximize Your Agility Training: Introduction The Treat & Train is a device that you can use to reinforce your dog at a distance from you. It's a useful tool for training some incredible agility behaviors. By Daisy Peel 26 An Inside Look at Agility Training Centers: Dallas Dog Sports Training center owner Patty Drom answers questions about all facets of her dog training business, including managing instructors, students, and dogs; class structure and policies; and administrative topics. By Brenna Fender 48 Training with the Stars: Jenny Damm This Swedish trainer distills the sport of agility down to its simplest denominators: run fast, use consistent body language that the dog understands, and cultivate a great relationship with your partner. By Sally Silverman 59 Teaching the Seesaw the DogLogical Way, Part 2: Introducing the Obstacle Now that you have a dog that is happy and confident with the seesaw foundation work introduced last month, it's time to introduce the obstacle. By Lynne Stephens Columns 6 Tip of the Month By Deborah Davidson Harpur 7 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility... By Brenna Fender 8 Backyard Dogs By Dudley Fontaine 33 As the World Turns: Flip The flip is used in situations where the handler needs to set a tight line for the dog, but a side change is not desired. It may look similar to a Jaakko turn or reverse spin, but there is a difference in timing between these maneuvers and the flip. By Mary Ellen Barry 63 The Judge's Debriefing By David Bozak Cover Dog Redeemer OAJ, NA, NF, AAD, SM, SAM, JM, RM, FDCHG, a.k.a. Deemer, a 4-year-old Border-Jack mix owned by Coleen Mrakovich of Pennsylvania. Photo by Rich Knecht Photography. Clean Run (ISSN 1089-8506) is published monthly by Clean Run Productions, LLC. Principal office: 17 Industrial Dr., South Hadley, MA 01075. Periodicals postage paid at South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075-9902 and additional offices. © Copyright 1995-2015 Bud Houston and Clean Run Productions, LLC. All world rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Clean Run, 17 Industrial Dr., South Hadley, MA 01075. February 15 | Clean Run 3

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