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The Judge’s Debriefing By John Senger My goals in designing this course were the same as always: 1) I want a course that is safe for the dogs to run; 2) I want a course that flows well and is fun for both the dogs and their handlers; and 3) I want to present handlers with different or unusual challenges that allow a wide variety of handling options and strategies to be successful, yet at the same time reward those who take the most risk and have the skills to pull it off. I think I managed to meet all of those objectives with the course shown in Figure 1, though like with any course, there are always things that stand out for improvement after the course has been run. Not wasting any time, handlers were faced with a strategy decision right at the start—how to best get their dog over #3 in 1 such a way they were set up well for #4 and #5. There were really only two handling options for the start: a lead-out to the landing side of #2 and a lead-out to the takeoff side. Either one needed to be executed with the #3-#5 sequence in mind in order to be successful. One very smooth and successful strategy, shown in Figure 2, was to do a rear cross at #3, push the dog out over #4 while executing a landing-side front cross, and running with the dog to #5. This plan gave the dog plenty of momentum to get out to #4 and also kept #16 from coming into play. Leading out to the landing side of #2 as in Figure 3 also produced smooth and successful runs provided handlers did two things: 1) They had to be close enough to #3 to send the dog over it on a 2 4 9 11 3 4 1 16 14 3 3 17 2 4 7 5 6 1 3 18 2 AKC Excellent JWW Indian River Dog Training Club Palm Bay, Florida May 15, 2011 Judge:John Senger March 13 5 8 15 13 16 RC 2 12 16 FC 10 FC | Clean Run 5 1 61

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Clean Run - March 2013
Editorializing: Would You Treat a Dog Like That?
Tip of the Month
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility…
Backyard Dogs
Knowledge Equals Speed! Teaching Verbal Directional Commands, Part 1
Power Paws Drills: Gnarly Rears
Ultimate Instructors: What Makes a Really Good Instructor?
Can You Handle It?
Head-Turning Turns, Part 3
The 10-Minute Trainer
Busting the Myths: Set Goals? Or Just Enjoy the Moment?
Out Spot Out! Five Required Skills for Successful Distance Work
Living Room Agility: Front & Rear Crosses
Nutrition for the Canine Athlete, Part 2
Puppy Agility Games, Part 1
Training with the Stars: Greg Derrett
The Judge’s Debriefing
Foundation Jumping, Part 1

Clean Run - March 2013