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Perfecting Nutrition for Performance Dogs By Dr. Deva Khalsa VMD We ask a lot of our agility dogs and they love every minute of it! Dogs in competition often push themselves to the limit, loving the excitement of the game. When the thrill of the moment is in play one bad movement for just an instant may result in an injury. That’s why these canines need to be able to physically keep up with all the tasks required of them. So it’s particularly important for working dogs to get all the supplementation they need to maintain their health, along with their drive, tenacity, and intelligence. As far as intelligence goes, agility dogs need to think and think fast. The brain has high energy and nutrient needs so of course a dog’s nutritional intake affects their brain function. Balanced and complete vitamins and minerals are important for total health but some are more important for intelligence than others. Zinc is called ‘the intelligence mineral’ and is required for mental development from puppyhood onward. Zinc also helps in the production of about 100 enzymes in your dog’s body, builds a healthy immune system, and maintains the sense of smell and taste. It’s also great for the skin and coat. Neurotransmitter capacity affects memory and problemsolving ability. Vitamin B6 is needed to produce most of the brain’s neurotransmitters, while Vitamin B12 is needed to maintain the outer coating of nerve cells. Vitamin D3 maintains the nervous system and boron, a trace mineral, enhances brain function. A niacin deficiency results in loss of memory. Make sure the supplement you give has healthy portions of these important vitamins. It’s just as important that our agility dogs get support for their muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Once again, what’s needed is total and balanced supplementation to create, in general, a strong and vital musculoskeletal system. Most sports injuries occur when a muscle is fatigued. For endurance, our dogs particularly need a full complement of B vitamins for stress, iodine and selenium for the thyroid, and antioxidants to clean free radicals out of the cells and assist in the cells repairs. Coconut water, the new drink on the block, is great for maintaining electrolyte balance and aiding stamina. Good supplementation improves the rate of tissue repair and improves performance. A good supplement should create visible changes in dogs in just a few weeks. If you see it on the Clean Run | June 12 40

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Clean Run - June 2012
Editorializing: The Other Bank Account
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Perfecting Nutrition for Performance Dogs
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Clean Run - June 2012