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New & Common Therapies for Treating Injuries in the Canine Athlete ............................................. By Audrey DeClue, DVM Injuries are a common occurrence in the performance athlete no matter what species. Prevention is the key, however injuries may occur no matter how careful you are with your dog. If your dog is injured it is difficult to know as an owner what therapies and options are available to help expedite the healing process and quickest return to competition. Listed are the most common therapies used today for the equine athlete and hopefully one day will be available to every owner for their canine athlete. Massage..................................... Acupuncture........................... Acupuncture is performed by the insertion of very thin sterile needle in specific acupuncture points to remove stagnation and to restore balance to the body’s “Qi” (life energy flow). For the safety of your animal acupuncture should be performed by a veterinarian who has completed approved accreditation training. Massage therapy is commonly used in all types of athletes whether human or animal. It is a very effective for reducing muscle spasm, relieving muscle tension, and increasing circulation, flexibility, and range of motion throughout the entire body. For the safety of your animal it is important that the massage therapist has formal training and certification. Findings should be documented and can be used to determine a potential injury pattern. Consistent muscle tension and pain are the first indications of other bigger issues developing. Acupuncture is a therapy used for musculoskeletal pain, soreness, injury, and prevention of injury. Acupuncture has been practiced on animals and humans for over 3000 years. Though there is much skepticism and uncertainty in the medical (human and veterinary) community, if acupuncture was not an effective treatment therapy it would not be present in daily practice for humans or animals. Acupuncture is a very common treatment used for musculoskeletal pain and prevention of injury for the equine athlete, especially FEI horses that are not allowed to compete on medications for pain management. Animal Chiropractic......... Chiropractic care is a therapy that focuses on correcting and maintaining spinal alignment and proper joint range of motion in the canine patient to maintain overall health. A chiropractic “adjustment” is used to treat specific subluxation or misalignment of individual joints. The 56 Clean Run | June 12

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Clean Run - June 2012
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Clean Run - June 2012