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Fro m Hoof to Wo of id er s Ca n Te H ach a Centered at the Start By Holly Newman Insist on a “centered” start-line performance, whether at home or at a trial, for both you and your dog. Visualize and center your positive energy near your core. At trials, you’ll notice your energy level may rise into, or even above, your head with nerves. For a more focused run, try to move the nerves into your core before you start — visualize moving the nerves below your heart, to your stomach, channeling your energy through your feet. For your dog, remember that if you reward a break at the start by continuing on course at a trial (even if you don’t reward the behavior at home), your dog will learn he can behave di erently at home and at trials. At the very least, stop all movement for 3 seconds and turn away from your dog—the best option would be to leave the course altogether. And recognize that young dogs may not have the con dence to allow for as long a lead-out at an unfamiliar trial site as they can handle at home, and adjust accordingly. D © HOLLY NEWMAN © HOLLY NEWMAN : Holly Jean Newman is a United States Dressage Federation Bronze Medalist and a graduate HA Pony Clubber in Eventing. She is currently showing 4th level dressage and has 3 scores remaining to earn her USDF Silver Medal. The young horse she “broke” and trained was the Mid-Atlantic Intro Level Morgan Dressage Champion in 2011. Holly also handles an ASPCA rescue Australian Shepherd, who has shown and ribboned in agility. Her sister, Heather Newman and mother Robin Newman are both successful USDAA, NADAC, and AKC agility competitors in Central Virginia. nd ler Wh 44 s at R Life at Clean Run Has Gotten Even More DOGGONE GOOD! Clean Run | August 12

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Clean Run - August 2012
Editorializing: On Insanity
Tip of the Month
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility…
Backyard Dogs
The Information Highway of Agility
Analyze This!
Footwork for Agility: Rear Crosses
Control Unleashed Solutions and Answers: The Bark Stops Here
Knowledge Equals Speed: Start-line Positioning & Lead-outs
Waiting for Your Turn in Agility Class
Agility Mind Gym: The Competition Mindset—Creating Power and Flow
Building Blocks: Weave Entries at Speed
From Hoof to Woof: What Riders Can Teach Handlers
Seesaw Training: The Bang Game and the Pre-Bang Game
But He’s Perfect at Home

Clean Run - August 2012