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The Bang Game and the Pre-Bang Game By Jen Pinder, photos by author except where noted Seesaw Training: Well, my Sizzling Seesaws DVD has been out for almost six months and I am thrilled to hear all the positive feedback. Given that the seesaw is my favorite obstacle to train, it makes me very happy to hear that I have improved the training of this obstacle for a lot of dogs. Like any method, there are always questions about some of the things I do and the order in which I do them. This article will clarify some information from my seesaw training article in CR October and November 2009, as well as from the DVD. The two subjects that I want to address are the Bang Game and my newer invention, the Pre-Bang Game. The Bang Game Before, I start with problem solving, I thought I would recap the purpose of the Bang Game and how it should be done. Bang Game Recap The Bang Game is a training exercise in which the dog is taught to jump onto the end of the seesaw plank, while the board is slightly off the ground, and to reach into his end position. My big dogs are © rachel sanders taught a 2-on/2-off end position and my small dogs (less than 20 lbs.) are taught a 4-on position. I teach a 2-on/2-off to my small dogs that are heavy enough to have half their body off the board and still hold the board down when it bounces. board down rather than jumping onto the board, the dog jumping onto the board too far back, and the dog reaching off the board so his back end comes off. Forward Focus When I am teaching the dog to focus forward, I do it while teaching the end position. Whether I am teaching a 4-on or a 2-on/2-off to the dog, I use a target. I find that with a target I have an easier time fading me out of the picture and Problem Solving There are several problems that my students have run into when training the Bang Game. They are: the dog lacking forward focus, the dog pulling the Dog looking straight ahead 52 Correct reward placement Good weight shift Clean Run | August 12

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Clean Run - August 2012
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Clean Run - August 2012