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Agility By Brenna Fender Too Close for Comfort When you are a frequent agility competitor, sooner or later something hugely embarrassing and/or hilariously funny is going to happen in the agility ring. When it does, just remember that we’ve all been in your shoes! Recently, Pat Goodspeed from Scottsdale, Arizona, shared her agility blooper. “One weekend I was running my Sheltie Trey at a USDAA trial in Tucson. I was working very hard to get my PIII pairs Qs for my PDCH. This particular weekend, I was paired with an excellent handler (who was probably 25 years old at most) and her very fast dog. I am 64 years old and plump to say the very least. Trey is moderately fast so I needed every extra second with my very fast teammate. Amber ran first and finished her part of the course at warp speed and handed me the baton. I thought, ‘Well, all I have to do is get through my side and I have it made.’ However, the first obstacle on my side was a chute with a 90° right turn to the weaves. If the dog came out too far to the right he would miss the entrance to the weaves. So, like a genius I ran very close to the chute (I will never do that again). As Trey ran through the chute, he veered to the right and took me out at the ankles. I went down face first into the grass and may have caused a minor earthquake. I raised myself up on my elbows and looked to my left, and Trey was eagerly standing at the entrance to the weaves. I said, ‘Yes, please weave.’ By the time he finished the weaves I was on my feet and ready to hobble around the rest of the course. I never lost the baton even when I face-planted. Amazingly enough we did qualify and were .02 seconds under time. Lesson learned: don’t run too close to the chute. Trey finished his PDCH later that year despite my handling skills.” D Got a blooper of your own to share? Put “agility blooper” in the subject line and send it to 42 Clean Run | September 11

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Clean Run - September 2011
Editorializing: When a “Lifetime” Only Means Five Years
Tip of the Month
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility
Backyard Dogs
Who’s Premack and What Does He Have to Do with My Start Lines?
Power Paws Drills: Front Side, Back Side
Improving Your Sports Vision, Part 1
Choosing the Most Efficient Path for Your Dog: Decision Making
Dylan’s Story
Teaching FOCUS and Impulse-control Classes: Week 5
Ready, Set, Trial! Should You Move Up?
Agility Bloopers
Training to Your Weakness: Exercises for Dogs with a Straight Front
Building and Balancing Handler and Obstacle Focus, Part 6
Great Expectations
Agility Games to Play with Puppies
Challenges for Rising Stars: Snooker Expanded
Agility Defined by Me

Clean Run - September 2011