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Part 6 BUiLdinG and BaLanCinG HandLer and oBstaCLe FoCUs By Ann Croft This is the final installment in this series on building and balancing obstacle and handler focus. Here I will provide some advanced exercises useful for sequencing jumps, weaves, and contacts. JUMPinG: advanCed exerCises Since agility is a sport in motion for both handler and dog, handlers can’t always be in exactly the right spot to perfectly support a jump, especially if they are in a portion of the course where driving ahead through a line of jumps may be desired. It is helpful if the dog understands to take jumps in his path even if he must make small adjustments in his stride to do so. One of my favorite exercises for this is one intro1 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 duced by Linda Mecklenberg in an article in April 2009 Clean Run. Linda calls this exercise the Zigzag Line. For complete details of Linda’s exercise please refer to the article or to her book Developing Handling Skills. The exercise setup requires a U-shaped tunnel and five jumps, set as in Figure 1. The jumps should be 20'-25' apart. Send the dog into the left tunnel entrance and begin running down the line of jumps on the right 80 90 100 110 120 130 20 2 3 4 5 6 20 10 10 1 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 10 48 Clean Run | September 11

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Clean Run - September 2011
Editorializing: When a “Lifetime” Only Means Five Years
Tip of the Month
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility
Backyard Dogs
Who’s Premack and What Does He Have to Do with My Start Lines?
Power Paws Drills: Front Side, Back Side
Improving Your Sports Vision, Part 1
Choosing the Most Efficient Path for Your Dog: Decision Making
Dylan’s Story
Teaching FOCUS and Impulse-control Classes: Week 5
Ready, Set, Trial! Should You Move Up?
Agility Bloopers
Training to Your Weakness: Exercises for Dogs with a Straight Front
Building and Balancing Handler and Obstacle Focus, Part 6
Great Expectations
Agility Games to Play with Puppies
Challenges for Rising Stars: Snooker Expanded
Agility Defined by Me

Clean Run - September 2011