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THE MAGAZINE FOR DOG AGILIT Y ENTHUSIASTS VOL. 18, NO. 10 OCTOBER 2012 $7 What’s the Best Natural Outdoor Footing for Your Needs & Budget? False Turns: Sensational or Demotivational? Exercises to Improve Your Short-burst Speed Does Socializing Have More Value for Your Dog Than Agility?

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Clean Run - October 2012

Clean Run - October 2012
Editorializing: The Bandana System
Tip of the Month
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility
Backyard Dogs
Analyze This!
Exercises to Improve Handler Speed
Control Unleashed Solutions and Answers: A Sticky Situation
Agility Mind Gym: Riding the Wave
Building Blocks: Building a Perfect Walkthrough
False Turns: Sensational or Demotivational?
The Cruise Director: Solutions for the Dog That Is Too Social
Awesome Paws Drills
Early Takeoffs in Jumping: Update
Training with the Stars: Stuart Mah
Scratching the Surface: A Look at Natural Outdoor Agility Footing
Table Manners: Proofing the Table for Competition
Challenges for Rising Stars

Clean Run - October 2012