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WARM-UP By Karen Holik and Eric Bobkowski, photos by Karen Holik Walking around agility trials you can see a number of different routines that handlers go through before their run. Everything from mentally walking the course while standing outside the ring and practicing contacts on the bleachers, to warming up and stretching their dogs. Yet, you rarely see handlers warming up themselves before a run. In our opinion, it is one of the more important parts of a handler’s routine—aside from the extra-large cup of Starbucks—especially the first run of the morning. As we have mentioned before, this is a team sport. Warm up one half of the team, warm up the other half of the team. Makes sense, right? You may only be out on the course for 40 to 50 seconds, but as you know, a lot of things can happen very quickly in this short period of time. Let’s not have injury be one of those things. Not only does warming up help prevent injury, it also gets blood flowing to your muscles, and gets your body ready for what it is about to do. A good warm-up will enhance your energy and improve your reflexes. What we mean by warm-up is not a grueling half hour of stretching and running, but a light stretching routine that you can actually do without getting out of your chair while waiting for your marker dog. It will only take a minute or less, so there are no excuses, right? Note: You can see a video of each exercise on the Magazine Forum page. Select “Videos” and then “Stretching for Agility, CR November 2012” or go to index.c fm?fuseac tion=categor y. display&category_id=719. Exercise 1: Office Stretch The first stretch is the Office Stretch. While sitting in your chair, lean back against the backrest, bring your arms up above your head, grab one hand with the other, and stretch up and back as far as you can. Hold this position for 10 seconds. You will notice a boost of energy after that. 1 The 2-Minute You can see a video of each exercise on the Magazine Forum page. Select “Videos” and then “Stretching for Agility, CR November 2012” or go to http:// 46 Clean Run | November 12

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Clean Run - November 2012
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Clean Run - November 2012