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Fro m Hoof to Wo of Identify Patterns to Gain Perspective By Holly Newman when you have a moment between rounds. Review your mistakes at the end of a weekend to see if there are consistent patterns to help you identify what skills to school at home. Having a trainer or experienced handler watch your rounds and critique them can also help better define mistakes and gaps in training. Videotaping a course can also help you visually identify your equitation or handling problems as well as a skill your dog lacks. D : id er s Ca n Te H ach To gain a better understanding of you and your dog’s skill strengths and weaknesses, keep a pad and paper ringside at shows. Briefly jot down mistakes made on course nd a ler ©TODD VAN BUREN PHOTOGRAPHY ©DOGHOUSE ARTS ©DIANE LEWIS PHOTOGRAPHY Wh with a toy! ds allowed – Training roun s 10 at Holly Jean Newman is a United States Dressage Federation Bronze Medalist and a graduate HA Pony Clubber in Eventing. She is currently showing 4th level dressage and has 3 scores remaining to earn her USDF Silver Medal. The young horse she “broke” and trained was the Mid-Atlantic Intro Level Morgan Dressage Champion in 2011. Holly also handles an ASPCA rescue Australian Shepherd, who has shown and ribboned in agility. Her sister, Heather Newman and mother Robin Newman are both successful USDAA, NADAC, and AKC agility competitors in Central Virginia. R © HOLLY NEWMAN © HOLLY NEWMAN rs! by competito s, run ll competitor Laura tt. Greg and Agility for a Laura Derre and rth America run by Greg ing it to No hts 11 jump heig is e bring ternational . Now they’r UK Agility In nal! land in 2004 y Internatio gility in Eng of UK Agilit unded UK A fo in the form te co asse hts • 2 separa p • Nursery cl no triple jum 11 jump heig e-ups A-frame and ext day mov ed • N ing a 5’7” trials online contacts judg t specs, includ pmen y! • No up r FREE • Enter Friendly equi wed–with a to sults online fo e re ds allo ur competitiv event Training roun level • Track yo organize your u want us to t competition ailable if yo your curren e av KI at Transfer to U h more! ement packag ten • And muc ve trial manag Comprehensi elcome: WE lis edback w Competitor fe s: ve n ue offerression g n ew og T his excitin mpetition programs • Points system for spravailable for debuting dogs New trials added daily ts judged No up contac Sponsor ® To hold a trial or find a trial near you, go to: Clean Run | December 12

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Clean Run - December 2012

Clean Run - December 2012
Table of Contents
Editorializing: All Roads
Tip of the Month
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility…
Backyard Dogs
From Hoof to Woof: What Riders Can Teach Handlers: Identify Patterns to Gain Perspective
Challenges for Rising Stars
Power Paws Skills: Front Crosses
Agility Mind Gym: Full Circle
Training a Deaf Dog to Go the Distance
Awesome Paws Drills
Does Gender Matter When Choosing an Agility Dog?
Control Unleashed Solutions and Answers: The Overexcited Spectator
10 Games to Play with Dogs That Are Recovering from an Injury
Gait Analysis Helps Diagnose Early Lameness & Improve Performance
The F-Word: Building Resiliency to Failure!
Training with the Stars: Maureen Waldron
Building Blocks: Developing Solutions for Agility Problems
Being a Good Student, Part 2

Clean Run - December 2012