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fiftythree, inc. office +ADD crafts a New York office using tools created by its client By James Russell, FAIA Photography by Matthew Williams With daylight pouring through tall windows onto planes of warm brown walnut, the offices of FiftyThree, Inc., in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood, exude a suave calm. On her iPad, Laura González Fierro, founder of the design firm +ADD, flips through the handsomely calligraphic sketches she used to design the space-digital drawings with an appealingly human quality rarely found in the soulless photo-realistic world of computer renderings. In a neat turnaround of services, the sketches were produced with FiftyThree, Inc. products. Architects and designers are an important market for FiftyThree's Pencil, the electronic stylus she used, and Paper, the tablet app that converts the stylus strokes to electronic drawings. Since the company was founded in 2011, its carefully crafted identity came to maturity at pretty much the same time as the 6,600-square-foot space FiftyThree inhabits. The company name refers to the distance in centimeters that "links the head, heart, and arm," explains Georg Petschnigg, one of FiftyThree's co-founders-the part of the body "where creativity happens." One model of the stylus, which looks like an "analog" flat charcoal pencil, comes in solid walnut, matching the wood extensively used in FiftyThree's office interior. Its brand-mate is called Graphite, and its extruded-aluminum elegance inspired the blackened-steel custom workbenches and framing for glass-enclosed meeting rooms. This congruence is intentional. FiftyThree aspires to keep its brand image tightly focused in a very cluttered marketplace. "We have visualized a system of values and we express them in product design and marketing, as well as with this space," Petschnigg says. Refining a raw space González Fierro, whose firm has offices in Brooklyn, New York, and Mexico City, came to the attention of FiftyThree's founders through 96 june 2014

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Contract - June 2014
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Contract - June 2014