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by Jain Malkin John Wiley & Sons, 2014 A Recipe for a Well-Designed Healthcare Environment the changes. I interviewed many Healthcare designer Jain Malkin, CID, healthcare providers for the book, AAHID, EDAC, has authored a fourth both to enable readers to understand edition of her book Medical and the issues and to be able to provide Dental Space Planning: A new planning solutions. Comprehensive Guide to Design, Hutlock: What are other examples Equipment, and Clinical Procedures of physical design changes that have (Wiley, 2014), an essential reference come because of the ACA? on medical and dental office design Malkin: Providers and patients alike for more than 30 years. The latest are increasingly embracing mobile edition-the first update since healthcare options, including portable 2002-features more than 70 The Capital Oral and Facial Surgery Center, designed by FORMA and wearable devices that will enable percent new and revised content. Design, Inc., is featured in the latest edition of Malkin's book. patients to remain in their homes for Malkin is founder of the firm Jain the types of basic monitoring and Malkin Inc., a leader in the field of diagnostic assessment now primarily done in physicians' offices. evidence-based design for healthcare facilities, and she serves Exam room design is undergoing major changes both in size on the board of The Center for Health Design. Malkin spoke with former Healthcare Design Editor in Chief Todd Hutlock about the and layout. More options are viable now, including some called "talking rooms" without an exam table. Coupled with these changes is changes to the book and the healthcare industry as a whole. the concept of team-based primary care and large multi-disciplinary Todd Hutlock: So much has changed in healthcare since the previous team stations in the center of a group of 8 to 10 exam rooms. Again, it is a unified approach to care. The generic exam room and layout is edition of the book released more than a decade ago. What are the becoming less prevalent as physicians are thinking about how the most significant advances? rooms can be designed and laid out to be more effective during Jain Malkin: The most significant changes have been to the way care the patient encounter. is being delivered. Much of that is due to the Affordable Care Act Technology continues to change at a lightning pace as well. (ACA), which has caused hospitals, physicians, and physician groups As it becomes more digital, medical equipment is often much to really think about how they provide care. What we call "episodic smaller-even miniaturized. Therefore, the actual objects and devices care" has been a problem for many years. Prior to ACA, care was very typically found in the exam and treatment rooms of practitioners of fragmented, with little attention given to the big picture. This was a various medical and dental specialties are different, and the space can problem for patients, especially those with chronic illnesses. The ACA be reconfigured accordingly. In the book's latest edition, all of the now requires a continuity of care so that now, for the first time, we are space plans and program tables are new because I wanted them seeing design and procedural changes that allow all members of a care team-from social workers to nutritionists to psychologists-to to reflect these new options. Hutlock: Could one read this book to essentially enhance an expertise truly confer. This unified approach allows for the patient to be treated in medical and dental office design? as a whole, rather than episodically from specialist to specialist. The dramatic increase in the number of insured patients has also Malkin: Yes! The fourth edition is assembled much like a cookbook. necessitated a new chapter on community health centers, also known Not only covering space planning, the book actually informs the reader on how to do it, shows the equipment, explains the utility and size as "safety-net" clinics, and a discussion of alternatives such as direct care, sometimes referred to as "concierge medicine." The new focus on requirements, and so on. The book is intended to be useful not just for design professionals, but for medical practitioners as well. value being linked to reimbursement has spawned a great deal of process redesign and new metrics to be able to document and analyze 108 OCTOBER 2014 PHOTOGRAPHY: GEOFFREY HODGDON, COURTESY FORMA DESIGN, INC.; COVER COURTESY JOHN WILEY & SONS Medical and Dental Space Planning: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Equipment, and Clinical Procedures, Fourth Edition BOOK

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Contract - October 2014
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Contract - October 2014