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BRAND NEW From The Land Down Under New technology helps Australian-based Original & Mineral deliver high-level performance. “My husband began using ammonia-free haircolor more than a decade ago when he opened Atlantis Hair salon in Sydney, Australia,” begins Jose Bryce Smith, founder and CEO of Original & Mineral (O&M), a haircolor, care and style product company that recently landed on American shores ( “In 2006, we acquired that brand and founded the company, launching our care and styling line that same year.” And what a launch it was, boasting 99 permanent colors, 28 demi-permanent colors, five shampoos, four conditioners, two treatment masques and eight stylers. But putting aside the whopping 146 SKUs in the O&M product arsenal, what made Smith believe that the time was right to initiate U.S. distribution? A unique development the company calls CCT Clean Color Technology. “It enables us to provide permanent tints in vibrant, on-trend colors, together with high-lift blondes formulated without ammonia, resorcinol and PPD,” Smith explains. The color line contrasts O&M Maintain the Mane intriguingly with O&M’s care and and Hydrate & Conquer styling lines, which are made with shampoos and conditioners nature-sourced ingredients, indigenous along with hero product, to the land down under. Among them Frizzy Logic Shine Serum are the company’s hero products, the Seven Day Miracle treatment masque and Frizzy Logic styler. “Seven Day Miracle is legendary within the industry,” Smith affirms. “We won an Australian Fellowship Hairdressing Award for the nourishing, moisturizing masque, and it really does what it says: transforms dry and damaged hair to divine hair! Frizzy Logic was an instant hit because of the shine and moisture it delivers. The argan and macadamia oils smooth the hair and give it a silky feel. Plus, clients are really excited that it cuts their blowdry time in half!” Distribution has begun for salons on both coasts, and the company plans to continue the rollout throughout 2012. “It’s a step-by-step process,” Smith acknowledges. “We plan to cover the whole country and eventually Canada.” As availability of O&M products expands, so will the company’s research efforts. “We’ll continue to work with the most forward-thinking chemists and look for ways to reduce harsh chemicals in haircolor and haircare while maintaining professional results,” Smith concludes. “Also, styling will be a big focus for us in ’12, and we’re creating products under the eye of our talented New York-based creative director, Janelle Chaplin. We’ll continue to bridge the gap between nature and luxury.” —Linda Kossoff 44 12.11

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