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MILESTONES The Game-Changer Celebrating 25 years as a Logics International color spokesperson, salon owner and master colorist Gina Khan routinely turns trials into triumphs. Imagine you’re managing a three-colorist salon when one quits, one takes maternity leave and one requests a two-week vacation. This nightmare scenario befell Gina Khan early in her career, but instead of giving up, she seized a life-altering path. “I knew that if I could train colorists well, I could build the department and make it strong,” she relates. “When I started formulating and felt more challenged, I used my brain more and found color so much more rewarding.” The evolution didn’t happen overnight; Khan spent 10 months on intense practice—taking classes, working on models—before upgrading her role to color specialist. Since this switch (“the best career decision I could’ve made,” she asserts), Khan’s made changing the lives of others her business. Khan confesses her greatest achievement has been teaching hundreds, from new grads to veteran colorists, her wellhoned craft, and remains amazed at how the industry has evolved in a quarter-century: the “huge respect for color” that’s now de Gina Khan (center) poses with models sporting ‘dos inspired by her favorite flowers. rigueur, a rising focus on retail, the dawn of the day spa, and the increasing availability of education. “With the Web, social media and YouTube, hairdressers have so much access to good training, no matter where they live,” she marvels. “When I started out, I had to get on planes and go places to find that!” Of course, Khan’s early-demonstrated talent to make the best of a bad situation would continue to serve her well. She remembers when, as a young colorist (“I thought I knew it all,” she laughs), she put highlights on a model at a trade show and sent her to the shampoo chair, but the model instead went to grab some sun. Result: level-13 highlights that resembled “white noodles,” Khan recalls. True to character, she kept her cool, fixing the problem pre-presentation, and even fessing up to her audience about what happened—and how she corrected it. “Everyone had a good laugh and gave me my first standing ovation,” she chuckles. “It was one of my favorite learning moments.” —Tracy Morin Khan speaks at the soiree Logics International hosted to celebrate her quarter-century with the company. Khan and Logics colorist Lenny Strand lead a two-day educational training. Khan with Matrix’s Colin Walsh 56 12.11 Images: courtesy of Gina Khan

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