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Go online for more LAUNCHPAD! QUICK TIPS Can-Do Fondue Food hipsters can party like it’s 1979 with these upgrades to a retro-inspired entertaining staple. Get more Launchpad all month long with Web Exclusive features and Extended Coverage beyond the magazine! • Add your Gallery photos to our homepage! • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! • More blogs! More slideshows! Have a pot party We’re talking about fondue pots—the kind your holiday guests can gather around with skewers in hand, dipping and tasting to their hungry hearts’ content. Fondue parties were the rage in the ’70s and, like so many trends from the era, they’ve staged a major comeback. Sweet or savory Fondue goes both ways. A hot, savory fondue station is a popular chat-up spot at a cocktail party or the centerpiece for an intimate dinner. Sweet fondues top off a large meal or a late evening and provide a sugar-boost for an extra round of merrymaking. Say cheese It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t love cheese, and it’s vegetarian-friendly. But this isn’t the time to have a Cheez-Whiz moment. Select a combo with subtly contrasting flavors to create your own gourmet blend. One tried-andtrue taste trio is Gruyère, cheddar and Jarlsberg or Emmentaler. Add cumin, curry, garlic or finely chopped veggies for flavor and/or heat. Meat and greet Thin slices of marinated beef, lamb or poultry cooked by guests in a communal hot oil fondue (also called “fondue bourguignonne”) or pre-cooked, then dipped into a broth-, soy-, BBQ- or tomatosauce-based fondue, qualify as a meal (and help offset the effects of a bourbon-laced holiday punch). Choc it up Whether bubbling away in a four-quart fondue pot or flowing from a fourfoot-tall fountain, chocolate is a can’t-miss choice, especially for the holidays. Slip in some Nutella, an almond or orange liqueur, or even some chilis and cinnamon for a Mexican twist. Big dippers If you’re not going the meat route, have a tempting assortment of skewerable treats—chunks of bread, veggies, fruit, marshmallows, or anything that will stand up to liquid—at the ready for guests to spear and dip. —Linda Kossoff Image: Jupiterimages Visit RIGHT NOW! 62 Sources: The Food Network; 12.11

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