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How do you enrich beauty that already Images: photographer: Jon Moe; hair: Rodney Cutler, Dean Holcombe, Anthony Barrow and Heather Packer; colorists: Ben Stewart, Ivan Vasilyevich and Tim Suter; makeup: April Greeves; wardrobe stylist: Valissa Yoe (all clothing courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier); assistants: Kelsy Osterman and Emma Heser has immense dimension? By layering even more dimension, creating a sensory experience beyond normal perception. In The 3-D Experience by Cutler Salon, building layers deepens visual interest. “This collection is all about layers—not simply in terms of layering hair, but in terms of production: the wig, the haircut, the styling, the spray hair paint, the makeup, the clothes, the post effects—everything is layered by design,” senior stylist Anthony Barrow notes. Human hair wigs are cut into lofty architectural shapes; dyed in multifaceted haircolor; styled with twists, flips and jagged points; and then methodically spray-painted in unique patterns. The final layer, a post-production effect that casts a chrome wash over the images, allows a tinny aura to refract Cutler Salon’s beauty tenets—line, form and shade—infinitely. —Karie L. Frost 74 12.11

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LaunchPad - December 2011