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VIP Adventure Capitalist As the leader of Organic Salon Systems, Scott Mitchell marries business acumen with a passion for beauty and wellness. small businesses,” Mitchell relates. (Translation: If you sell your salon, you’ll probably get considerably less for it than other comparable businesses.) “I became determined to revolutionize the professional salon services sector.” Mitchell and his team searched for a brand to acquire and came across Organic Salon Systems ( According to Mitchell, in less than two years, the company has grown by more than 500% and shows no signs of slowing. “The business thrives because we do things completely different,” Mitchell explains. “We’re a small company that is agile, nimble and quick. We make up our own rules that are driven by our clients’ needs.” Mitchell shares that Organic Salon Systems is obsessed with integrity. “Our company’s ethos is at the core of our being,” he smiles. A major tenet of this belief is being socially and environmentally aware in all aspects. One such way Organic Salon Systems demonstrates this eco-friendly philosophy is through its Tree in a Bottle campaign. Wanting to do more than simply incorporate recycled materials in packaging, “we sourced a biodegradable plastic derived from natural fruit peels and roots,” Mitchell relates. “A seed is infused in the bottom of the packaging so clients or stylists can literally grow a tree!” Aside from being green from the inside out, the company’s philosophy also ensures that products will not be diverted. “I would rather close my business down than sacrifice our beliefs,” Mitchell maintains. “Our ethos is our business, and the two are absolutely indistinguishable and inseparable.” When asked what he likes most about the beauty industry, Mitchell’s response is immediate and succinct: “The hairdressers. Never before have I come across such an eclectic, exciting and concentrated group of extraordinarily talented and incredibly passionate creative people.” Mitchell says that he’s thrilled to be part of the industry and help hairdressers realize their dreams. “Never doubt that a small group of passionate people can change the world.” —Amy Dodds Scott Mitchell, CEO of Organic Salon Systems 66 6.12 Image: courtesy of Organic Salon Systems “The path that led me to the beauty industry was winding and unique,” Scott Mitchell, CEO of Organic Salon Systems, states with pride. In the past two decades, the self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” started several online businesses and took them public, which required him to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in capital. Oh, and he developed a few large multinational companies from scratch too (think and Affluence Corporation, which was described by the New York Times as the “Facebook for Billionaires”). “After all that,” Mitchell says, “I decided I needed a real challenge.” Naturally, beauty beckoned. “I became intrigued with the professional salon industry after realizing that salons sell for a very small multiple of their annual profits compared to other similar POINTS OF Interest It runs in the family. After his father lost a battle with cancer when Mitchell was only 11 years old, his mother worked as a hairdresser to provide for him and his three brothers. Additionally, one of Mitchell’s three children works alongside him at Organic Salon Systems. Just call him Doogie. Scott Mitchell graduated college at 18 and received three Master degrees by age 21. You snooze, you lose. A selfdescribed workaholic and chronic insomniac, Mitchell routinely goes to bed at 4 AM and slumbers a mere four hours.

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