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MY WAY In Haute KMS North America lead artistic director Brian Bode knows what it takes to stand out in a crowd. He joined KMS California in November of last year, and in addition to fulfilling his role as artistic director, his education at Pasadena, California’s esteemed Art Center College of Design has given him the skills necessary to help with new product development. Bode holds that individuality is key to style. “No matter what happens, no one can take individuality away from people, they have the choice to be who they want. That is the freedom of style,” he asserts. And where does Bode draw artistic inspiration? The challenges of everyday life, Bode says simply: “What discourages me becomes my inspiration.” —Jennifer Hutchison Pursuit OBSESSION LESSON Brian Bode’s obsession with the freedom of style has spilled over into a pet project in which he hosts quick educational webinars. Every month, a new webinar is posted on KMS California’s website ( depicting, as Bode puts it, “a different hairstyle obsession.” April was dubbed “the month of the curl,” and May brought new summer style techniques. “Many stylists no longer have the time or money to travel for education,” Bode relates. “These webinars give them a way to keep up with what’s new in techniques and product knowledge while they remain with their families and clients.” Brian Bode Brian Bode is an artist. Where most people see hair, Bode sees opportunity; a clean slate, primed for creation and free of restrictions. “I love that hair is a canvas for my own creative freedom,” Bode admits. The KMS California lead artistic director discovered his passion for crafting individuality early on thanks to his aunt, who immersed him in the world of hair. “My aunt has always been my mentor,” Bode smiles, referring to none other than Geri Cusenza, who cofounded Sebastian International with her husband, John Sebastian. She gave Bode more than 68 6.12 Image: courtesy of KMS California just excellent family connections: At the age of 18, he apprenticed under Cusenza and consequently gained an appreciation for the ever-evolving art of hair as well as developed an edgy approach toward styling. For Bode, it’s all about shape, texture, “and the ability to change someone’s day in an hour.” In 1997 Bode opened the Oya Salon , in Monterey, California, to national praise and numerous awards. This led to frequent appearances in fashion and hair shows across the country, plus the coveted spot as a go-to stylist for New York Fashion Week.

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LaunchPad - June 2012
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LaunchPad - June 2012