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MILE TONES S Generation Andis celebrates its 90th anniversary. The year 1922 gave us a lot of things to be thankful for: the Lincoln Memorial, James Joyce’s Ulysses, the BBC, the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, Betty White—and let’s not forget a grooming company called Andis ( Ninety years ago, Mathew Andis produced an electric clipper in the basement of his family home. “Mathew Andis had decided to leave his job as a toolmaker at Mitchell Motor Car Company in Racine, Wisconsin, and start his own business,” current president (and great-grandson) Matthew K. Andis explains. Andis says his great-grandfather partnered with John Oster (yes, that Oster) and Henry Meltzer to create Andis O M Manufacturing, which was quickly contracted to develop tooling for clipper blades. The partnership only lasted a year, but it gave Andis the know-how he needed to create his own clipper, which he sold door-to-door to local barbershops. Barbers quickly embraced the new technology since the clipper was small, fast and delivered a higher performance, and sales helped fuel the company’s rapid growth. “By focusing on excellent quality and listening to our customers, Andis the company has increased its products and steadily expanded its markets,” Andis notes. Today, the family-run company manufactures everything from clippers, trimmers and a full range of blades to hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and products for the hospitality industry. (They even make clippers for dogs, cattle and horses!) The fourth generation of the Andis family is now in charge of operations. Matthew K. Andis was named president two years ago and shares the responsibility of guiding the company with his two sisters: Marcia Andis, senior VP, market development; and Laura Andis Bishop, senior VP, finance. Matthew L. Andis, their father, still serves as chairman. Despite the fact that it’s a family affair, the company continues to expand globally: Andis products are (rather fittingly) available in 90 countries worldwide. “Andis will continue to innovate with new products, to listen to what their markets want, to bring real value to all their markets, and, quite simply, to supply products that make people look better and feel better,” Andis smiles. “The fourth generation has The Andis limited developed a strategic edition 90th planning process that is Anniversary Master Clipper a way of life, guiding is a modernized the company along version of the toward their vision while company’s remaining true to its first clipper, legacy and roots.” introduced in —Amy Dodds 1922. The Fourth Despite the fact that it’s a family affair, the company continues to expand globally: Andis products are available in 90 countries worldwide. 78 Image: courtesy of Andis 6.12

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