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SOCIAL NETWORK Timeline Is on Your Side It was thrust upon us as an opportunity to be embraced, but let’s face it: The transition to Facebook Timeline was, for many, less love and more labor. Linkup marketing founder and Launchpad guest blogger Valorie Reavis shares her top tips for making Facebook Timeline work for your salon. Learn to love Facebook Timeline and build your salon. Larger branding image. The first thing visitors see on your Facebook page is your cover photo stretching all the way across the top. Facebook knows the power of a great image, which is why you can display highresolution photos at the top of your page. Take advantage of this feature and choose a picture that reflects your salon’s values and culture so you attract the right audience and lure potential clients. A few ideas: an interior image of your salon’s gorgeous decor or a lineup of your team smiling welcomingly. Reserve your salon logo for the small thumbnail box on the left; this is the image that will show up whenever you post. Milestones. Milestones allows you to share your salon’s important dates, such as when you opened, when you expanded, certain awards you’ve won, and all your other accomplishments. Adding your Milestones is like adding a regular status update: Simply click the top option called “Milestone,” and you’ll see categories of milestones to choose from. Expanded posts. With Timeline, you’ll notice large white boxes on the page. You can choose which posts you want highlighted, making it easier for visitors to see what’s important about your salon. Highlighting is easy; just find the post you want on your Timeline, then e click the star button on the top right to highlight the post. c You Y can also “Pin” a post to the top of your wall feed, keeping important announcements at the top of the list k even if you post something new. To do this, click on the e pencil icon to edit the post you want to pin, and then p select “Pin” from the drop-down list. s Company description. The “About” area for the page C used to be quite limited. The new layout gives you more u space so you can be a bit more elaborate with your s description—but remember to still use this space wisely. d From tabs to apps. Finally, decide what tabs you F want featured on the top of your page. By default w you have to selec “Photos,” but you have free reign when it comes to select other selections. Consider options like an email sign-up form, upcoming salon events or special offers for clients. To feature different applications in your first row, click on the icon to your right that expands all your applications. Hover over the application you want to move to the top row, and click the “Edit” option. Select the application you want this application to replace; they’ll then swap places and be featured in the correct order. 120 10.12 Woman on computer: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

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Beauty LaunchPad - October 2012
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Beauty LaunchPad - October 2012