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QUICK TIPS Drab to Fab Is your salon in need of a makeover? Here are five simple and cost-effective ways to spruce up your space, courtesy of this year’s NAHA Salon Design award winner Square Colour Salon + Spa in Las Vegas. 1 3 Lighten up. “To me, lighting is the most important decor variable,” Barbara v Garcia-Grove, Square G i Colour Salon + Spa ( owner, says. “When the light is right, haircolor rings true, and clients can tell the difference.” She swears by Beth Minardi lighting (, as it’s the closest you can get to natural illumination. 2 Infuse fresh scent. The consistent odor of bleach, sprays and dyes require a flawlessly functioning ventilation system to ensure salon longevity. “Walking into an overly chemically fragrant space is a huge turnoff,” Garcia-Grove warns. Fill yours instead with a weekly (or biweekly) shipment of fresh-cut flowers, which have the added bonus of lending cheer to any room. —Francesca Moisin Clear the decks. The simplest—and cheapest—way to upgrade a business is by clearing out the clutter. “I clean on a regular basis, and it only requires time,” Garcia-Grove enthuses. Recycle unneeded paperwork at the end of each day. Create a spacious, welcoming front desk by paring electronics and accessories down to the essentials. Rotate products regularly, rather than cramming all onto a shelf. And swap old magazines with fresh ones every month. Don’t overlook the nooks. “The processing area may not be prominently displayed, but it’s a great place to start improving atmosphere and vibe,” GarciaGrove advises. Opt for comfy chairs so clients can relax during lengthy treatments. Wall-mounted machines are a clever way to conserve floor space and streamline the design of otherwise blank walls. 128 10.12 Images: 1. Yagi Studio; 2. Lauren Burke/Photographer’s Choice RF; 3. Kick Images/Photodisc; 5. Anastassios Mentis/Garden Picture Library Consider color. Paint interior walls a light hue to accentuate the beauty of clients’ hair and skin tones. “A pale background also makes retail areas pop,” GarciaGrove explains. How do you pick the perfect shade? Swipe various swatches onto a wall, and check back regularly to determine which looks best through the shifting states of natural light.

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Beauty LaunchPad - October 2012
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Beauty LaunchPad - October 2012