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RUNWAY REPORT Wella Mohawk Mullet To understand the evolution of the hairstyling at a Narciso Rodriguez show, you must learn about its beginnings. “It was a minimal time in the ’90s—everything fashion and beauty was about minimalism—and Narciso is one of the greats when it comes to minimalistic fashion,” says the designer’s longtime hair collaborator, Wella Professionals global creative director Eugene Souleiman, backstage at the fall 2012 showing. “With this Maximal Two French rolls and a grooved pompadour make for a mohawkmullet hybrid that’s anything but minimal. hairstyle, I wanted to revisit where I’ve been with Narciso, to incorporate some of the minimal ideas of blunt, sharp and street,” he pauses. “But…the starting point for the hair becoming more creative [like this] was last season. If you remember, I colored the hair in hair paint,” he laughs, as if the mere idea is crazy. “It was a deviation from what I normally do for Narciso— he likes minimal—but I didn’t want to do something as pretty this time around.” 44 10.12 Images: Andreea Angelescu Souleiman takes this recent bout of uncurbed creative freedom and crafts greaser-approved pompadours on the crown, crisscrossed with a deluge of hairpins. “Narciso wanted a ’50s music feel—not quite rockabilly, but some of the toughness associated with it,” Souleiman explains. The sides are smoothed back into tidy French rolls, their ends tumbling out into the rest of the free-flowing hair. “It’s sort of a cross between a mohawk and a mullet,” he relates. “We’re leaving the rest of the hair down, but really tightening the sides into these rolls. The whole look is really about tension.” The hairpins, plucked out moments after the girls slip into their first looks, imprint the pompadour with grooves to give the look “a much stronger vibe,” Souleiman notes. The other element that makes this tough-girl look stick: “Tons of hairspray. It’s all about the hairspray,” he says. A heavy heaping of Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray ( lends a lacquered effect while “accentuating the angles,” Souleiman states. With all of these elements going on in this ’do, minimalism—at least for the hair—seems to be a thing of the past. —Karie L. Frost

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