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INSIDE STORY Smooth Operators Keratin Complex infuses its new haircolor line, Color Therapy KeraHold, with the smoothing properties of keratin. Inspired by the technology in its popular brings on the brilliance Smoothing Therapy system, with its new Color Therapy KeraHold Keratin Complex is now haircolor line. branching out into the world of permanent color with Color Therapy KeraHold Keratin-Enhanced Permanent Crème Hair Color. “During the typical coloring process, color goes into the cortex and breaks down the bonds of the hair in order to achieve color change,” Lindsay Solomon, VP of marketing and PR, explains, “This strips keratin from the hair and leaves behind potholes, or porosity— creating an uneven surface so that the color may not anchor properly to the hair shaft.” She explains that this can lead to fading, spots or uneven color. “What’s great about KeraHold is its unique ability to infuse keratin in color, and the ability of color to be locked into hair,” Mario Argenti, president of Keratin Labs Enterprises, says. “Through this technology, hair appears shinier and color lasts longer between shampoos.” The line consists of 70 shades—a versatile mix of natural, ash, gold, red and fashion tones—while KeraHold technology is based on three components of protection for maximum color longevity and brilliance: Keratin molecules penetrate the hair shaft, reducing porosity in the hair’s cuticle for even color distribution; micropigmentation technology allows small color molecules to link together inside the cuticle for lasting results; and wheat protein fuses the cuticle to seal in softness and shine. Of course the line is perfect for all hair types, but Solomon relates that it’s also “formulated to work synergistically with, and extend the life of, Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy treatments.” To roll out the line, the company is offering a 3.5-ounce tube at a competitive price, keeping cost-per-application low so you can get your hands on product in a flash. Argenti is heading up the division, and the launch, which started at the end of August, will be regionally focused for customization in each market. “Through media partners, VIP events, increased web presence, trade shows and a full education portfolio, we aim to reach stylists on a personal level,” Solomon asserts. “We want to give everyone the same love and attention while spreading the word about KeraHold.” —Tracy Morin Keratin Complex 60 10.12 Image: Keratin Complex

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Beauty LaunchPad - October 2012