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BRAND NEW Art Work G The Body Art Professional’s glitter tattoos put a new spin on bling. Softees MicroFiber is BETTER than Cotton! • Microfiber costs less than cotton • 6x more durable than cotton • 3x more absorbent than cotton • Stain resistant • Won’t shrink (cotton shrinks 10%) • Dries in half the time of cotton 72 10.12 Images: courtesy of G The Body Art Professional Fun for flaunting as a funky accessory or glamorous faux jewelry, glitter tattoos from G The Body Art Professional ( are quickly becoming all the rage with clients who want to showcase personal style in a nonpermanent way. The concept isn’t new. In fact, Macky and Anna Samaco, owners of parent company Glimmer Body Art, have been sprinkling sparkle on a wide variety of clients— from party revelers to Teen Choice Awards attendees—since 2007. But the cutting-edge G line, which launched at this year’s Cosmoprof, is taking sparkles to an entirely new realm. Skin is first prepped with rubbing alcohol to remove dirt, lotion and sunscreen, which can affect application. “Using latex-free, hypoallergenic glue, any beauty professional trained in our easy techniques can then adhere a one-time-use stencil to the client’s desired area,” Beatrice Fogle, VP of sales and marketing, enthuses. Patented templates can even be molded around curves, like shoulders, wrists and ankles, while still maintaining the integrity of their design. Once the glue is dry, color is added with brushstrokes of very fine, cosmetic-grade glitter. “Our poly-coated pigments are 100% safe, even if accidentally swallowed or dusted into eyes,” Fogle promises. Customers can choose from 24 hues or add even more brilliance with Swarovski accent crystals—and the options don’t stop there. Apart from one’s own imagination, there’s nearly no limit when it comes to motif. Clients can choose from a total of 66 different stencils in the combined essential, jewelry/charm, couture and bridal lines. Inspiration for these creations, all of which are fashioned by a team of in-house artisans, comes from high-end fashion and hot pop-culture trends. “We also have the ability to construct custom compositions for those who want them, which we do frequently,” Fogle informs. The average stencil takes between 10 to 30 minutes to apply, and each tattoo lasts up to seven days. When it’s time for new corporeal adornment, clients simply soften skin with alcohol or baby oil before showering. “Our body art is fast, fun, beautiful and affordable,” Fogle raves. “That’s what makes it the perfect add-on service for any salon or day spa.” —Francesca Moisin

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Beauty LaunchPad - October 2012