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FIRST PERSON The Other Half Session stylists Eugene Souleiman and Josh Wood discuss their eerily intuitive collaboration and their work on Wella Professionals’ Trend Vision. Josh Wood: It is always a huge pleasure working with you, Eugene, as you push creative boundaries. I especially love working on Trend Vision for Wella; it really gives us freedom to create what we feel are going to be the up-and-coming trends. What do you like best about working together? Eugene Souleiman: We share similar esthetics and understand one another’s creativity. You and I are very alike—we’re not afraid to push boundaries— and you have a lot of interesting ideas and challenge yourself creatively, the way I do. JW: When we work together, sometimes it’s almost telepathic; we don’t need to talk or explain, we just know. Styling and color go hand-in-hand with us! ES: We definitely work intuitively. We have similar ideas, so our way of working is organic. We inspire and help one another and make Eugene Souleiman (left) and Josh Wood in action. ideas happen. It’s teamwork, but natural and spontaneous. JW: What’s the difference between runway and editorial work? ES: Runway is extremely difficult sometimes because of time constraints. When creating the look, you have to think about logistics—how many girls, and how many of them will be running late—and how you plan to train your team of assistants. You work in a stressful environment and always need to think about designers; it’s really important they feel they’re making a statement for next season. Editorial is more playful. There are fewer models, so the focus is purely on hair and shooting. You have more control; you can explore ideas and be more creative. I like both ways of working. Diversity is what I enjoy. JW: For me, editorial requires an immense attention to detail; there’s a whole team getting each look ready one by one. Shows are generally more hectic, with so much to be done in such a short span of time. ES: How do you implement Wella’s trends in your work? JW: The trends influence everything we do; from the styles we create for editorial shoots to runway shows. The techniques used to create these trends can also be applied in our day-to-day work. ES: We spend so much time researching and preparing for Trend Vision that trends and ideas are in our conscious and subconscious, and they filter through to all the other work that we do throughout the year. JW: With International Trend Vision coming up, what are your thoughts? How has the contest elevated the art of hairdressing? ES: International Trend Vision is a huge global competition—competition is very healthy for hairdressers, it gives them an aim! The sheer magnitude of the event makes hairdressers push their boundaries creatively and technically. JW: I feel very proud to deliver the Haute Couture looks, which I hope inspire hairdressers to push their skills. I wish there had been a similar competition around when I was training! Winning International Trend Vision is a game changer for someone’s career. —As told to Tracy Morin 78 10.12 Image: courtesy of Wella Professionals

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