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Conversations/Profiles 1 3 2 Bart Michaels 4 ➊ The “Experience 2012” show in Colombia ➋ David Nunez Gutierrez, International Artist, cuts hair at “Experience 2012.” ➌ Guest Artist Edison Lozano styles hair at the Colombia “Valle Salon” show in 2011. ➍ Lozano demonstrates his craft at “Valle Salon.” Constructing Success Rejuvenol CEO Bart Michaels explains how he built his company out of passion, vision and a background in architectural design. 1 His favorite pastime: “Getting into my car, top down, driving out to the Hamptons, having a nice dinner, a good bottle of wine, good company—sometimes taking the company motor coach and stopping along the way to talk with people on the street!” 2 His educational background: technical school for architectural design. 3 The one-year anniversary of the move to Rejuvenol’s new facility: Feb. 14, 2013. That definitely makes a certain holiday a little easier to remember! 4 Closing thoughts: “I think I’ve had a great ride. I enjoy what I do tremendously, as well as the people I work with. I cannot foresee a career change, nor would I want to change anything in my life.” 102 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | MARCH 2013 S ometimes it’s just as much about who you know as it is what you know. Meet Bart Michaels, the CEO of Rejuvenol Laboratories. Though now the driving force behind a company known for its keratin treatments as well as its haircare and skincare products, Michaels started out in an entirely different field: construction. “In 1970 after getting married, my wife and I decided to open a salon,” Michaels explains. “On the weekends, the salesmen would come around for our weekly orders. Knowing I was in construction, they would recommend me to their salon clients who wanted to remodel.” As a result of accumulating an array of clients—and some old-school social networking—Michaels became a specialist and a top nationwide distributor for salon furniture–maker Belvedere. But after enjoying major success and trying his hand in real estate and property development, Michaels had an epiphany. “One day while I was sitting on the beach in Florida, I realized I missed the beauty business,” Michaels recalls. “I came back to New York and started Rejuvenol. It was 1993, and it was a very difficult journey.” Michaels started with two products, and after some success, he bought a mixing tank and a filling machine. He’d work in the office all day, then spend hours in a small warehouse making the product, filling bottles until 2 a.m. The arduous process went on for years—but it paid off. Last year he acquired the company’s current 5,000-square-foot location in Amityville, New York, in which the products and packaging are developed and manufactured. As for the future, Michaels is plenty optimistic and looks forward to Rejuvenol’s imminent growth and achievements. (Spoiler alert: Makeup and nail products are in the works!) “My vision for Rejuvenol has always been to grow, to offer the finest products using the best-quality ingredients, and to create American jobs,” he reflects. “Now my goals are to continue to develop new products, continue to add on new territories, to make new alliances—and have fun doing it.” COURTESY OF REJUVENOL Insider Secrets

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