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Conversations/Launches Name 1 2 3 GAME Short Sexy Hair reinvents itself as Style Sexy Hair, keeping several beloved stylers and adding three hot new ones to the mix. —FRANCESCA MOISIN F 44 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | AUGUST 2013 ABOVE: ➊ Molding Paste imparts textured shine. ➋ Shaping Crème allows for soft shape. ➌ Spray Clay paste molds tresses in unconventional spritz form. COURTESY OF SEXY HAIR This assortment comprises the ultimate toolbox for hairdressers.” rom the start, the name was something of a misnomer. “Short Sexy Hair products were always a full line of stylers, crafted by stylists for stylists,” explains Karina Lutzy, Marketing Director of Branding and Product Development. But consumers mistakenly—though understandably—assumed they were appropriate only for chopped tresses, so changing the name to Style Sexy Hair ( was a natural choice. Yet the modifications didn’t stop at a new moniker. In addition to keeping the six most popular Short Sexy Hair offerings, three new stylers now round out the revamped collection. “Used individually to create one look or cocktailed together for endless possibilities, this assortment comprises the ultimate toolbox for hairdressers,” Lutzy enthuses. Fans will recognize Hard Up Hard Holding Gel—which provides ultimate control for all mane types on even the most humid days—and Blow It Up Volumizing Gel Foam, which bestows body and prevents split ends with its infusion of sage extract. Control Maniac Styling Wax boasts ozokerite, a thickening agent, to construct long-lasting bold contours, but sometimes messy-chic is the look girls long for. Enter Play Dirty Dry Spray Wax. Its patented combination of primrose and lavender oil thicken and moisturize strands for the ideal second-day sexy look. Slept In Texture Crème swells cuticles to condition as it lightly styles, while Frenzy—voted “Best Styling Product Pomade” in 2012 by Allure’s Best of Beauty—builds wild-child volume. Fresh to the family are: Shaping Crème, a balm that’s soft as opposed to strong, allowing for the gentle reforming of fibers; Molding Paste, whose beeswax adds a good bit of grit for textured shine; and—perhaps coolest—Spray Clay, the next-generation styler that emits paste in spritz form, boldly going where no mold has gone before. “The products say what they do, and do what they say,” promises Lutzy. Loyal customers love that. As for novices, newly designed sleek black bottles and vials are sure to seduce both edgy studs and foxy dames.

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Beauty LaunchPad - August 2013