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AUGUST IS NATIONAL HAIR LOSS AWARENESS MONTH. LEARN ABOUT TRESS SHEDDING—AND HOW TO PREVENT IT. by Francesca Moisin and Molly Kossoff L ike the heart, a hair follicle is a living organ, and it must be strong in order to pump out strands. Yet approximately half of men and 40 percent of women experience tress loss, says Mark Holland, CEO of Viviscal Professional. Causes for this are complex, but there’s one point on which experts agree: Proactive treatment is vital for prevention. “By the time balding is visible, 30 to 50 percent of growth in that area is gone,” reveals William Blatter, Hair Loss Control Clinic ( President. If you’ve noticed fibers clumped in your brush, or if a previously luxurious mane has shed to limpness, we’ve tapped hair loss experts who offer their advice on regimens specifically formulated for each type of hair deterioration. PATTERN BALDNESS RECOGNITION The primary factors contributing to androgenic alopecia, aka male and female pattern baldness, are age and genes. “A person’s total hair volume will decrease over time or thin across the scalp, resulting in the appearance of less density,” explains Zenagen President Jared Reynolds. Start date and diminution rate vary, depending mainly on how much of the DHT (short for dihydrotestosterone) hormone one’s body generates. A genetic predisposition inherited from either parent triggers the conversion of testosterone to DHT in the prostate and adrenal glands, testes and hair follicles. When released, DHT blocks blood and nutrients from reaching the scalp, shrinking and eventually killing follicles. Both sexes secrete testosterone, which is why alopecia affects gents and ladies. Yet men make more of it, explaining how DHT accounts for 95 percent of male baldness (compared to the 70 percent female rate), says Doreen Imperial, Director of Marketing at Bosley Professional Strength. Women, conversely, produce extra aromatase, an enzyme that counteracts DHT, especially near the frontal hairline. Men therefore manifest recession in a V pattern at that precise spot: starting near the temples and diminishing toward the crown. For ladies, sparseness tends to be diffuse—often making it trickier to spot. In addition to genetics and hormonal shifts, thinning hair can be caused by a number of contributing factors, such as natural aging, diet, 90 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | AUGUST 2013 40 PERCENT of women experience hair loss

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Beauty LaunchPad - August 2013