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WORKSHOP by Courtney Roach Glam with Glitter Combining soak-off gel polish with glitter? Yep! And we show you how. e all love soak-off gels; ever since they hit the market, nail techs and clients alike can’t get enough of them. The popular product started as a flexible-yet-durable, chip-free manicure option in a few popular shades. Now, virtually every major manufacturer is boasting the release of its latest, hottest shades of soak-off gels. The newest trend has become not only soak-off gels, but also what you can do with them, specifically the dazzling designs that soak-off gels and a few added embellishments can deliver. We give you three fun designs to experiment with, but don’t stop there; grab your tools and start creating your own. W Gettin’ Glittery with It Soak-off gels are incredibly forgiving. Sure, it’s good to keep a steady hand when applying red gel polish or getting the white smile line in a French just right, but the advantage to creating nail designs with gels is that you can try and try again. Whether it’s the errant flick of a brush that causes a nasty smudge, or you decide that the glitter is not glittery enough, gels that haven’t yet cured allow you to simply wipe away the error and start all over again. No harm, no foul. When you add glitter to the equation, things start looking even better for those of us who are steady-hand-icapped. Stare-worthy “rock star” nails, two-color glitter fades, French glitter fades, and even retro moon manicures are easy to do, fun, versatile (there’s something for every client from flashy gold “rock star” nails to subtle silver glitter French on top pristine pink) and are practically error proof. Tool Kit Soak-off gel Loose glitter Gel brush Cuticle pusher Pterygium remover Cuticle Remover UV gel top coat 180-grit file 60 NAILPRO FEBRUARY 2 0 11 PHOTOS: ARMANDO SANCHEZ

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