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PRO TALK by Megan James Shooting Star International Designer French Tips 310.618.1270 • Premium half-well tips provide incredible designs and durability without any special equipment, supplies or mess to clean up. The only doubt you’ll be left with is what style to pick next. Use FreeInfo #200. 1 Lightly buff clean nails with a fine file to remove the nail’s natural oils. Select the proper size of the Designer French Tip and brush glur onto the tip. Note: You may also drop glue directly on the nail where the tip will be placed. 2 3 124 Slide the tip onto the nail, and hold it in place 5 to 10 seconds. 4 Trim and shape the tip to the desired length. 5 Add an overlay of clear gel or clear acrylic. NAILPRO DECEMBER 2 0 11 PHOTOS: ARMANDO SANCHEZ

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Nailpro - December 2011
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Nailpro - December 2011