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BACKFILLS byOPI INTRO KIT Client Care The “Caring for Clients” story that ran in the October issue was the most intriguing piece of writing that I’ve ever read in the magazine. Thank you, NAILPRO! Angela Bohner La Porte, IN never know; one day your hand may just be in there as well!” LOL Thank you, NAILPRO, for getting my work and name out there! I can’t thank you enough for all that you do. I am grateful to all of you for making this possible! You truly make a difference for all of us in the industry. Lisa Sauter Allure Salon Las Vegas, NV Lisa, this is an amazing letter. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. But please don’t give us all of the credit; you were the one who sent in your photos consistently and advertised your own work to your salon—and everyone in it—once you received a copy of the magazine. That, coupled with your great work, is what gets those clients in your seat. Congratulations on all the new appointments. Keep up the fantastic work! —Ed. Sacramento Does Nails I really enjoyed the NAILPRO Show in Sacramento, California, in October. Thank you for that! Tisha Saldivar Modesto, CA More Info Please For the last two to three years, there hasn’t been a Readers Service card in NAILPRO. Where did it go? I loved getting the information about the new products. Angela McJunkin East Ridge, TN We took out the card and updated the program so it could be done online instead. (We weren’t receiving many cards anymore.) The program has a new name, FreeInfo, but it’s the same system. Log on to freeinfo and you can click the link that will take you directly to the product website. Or, a brand new option is to text “NAILPRO” and the FreeInfo number to 41411 to get all of the same information that you used to receive with the card. For more information, turn to page 145 of this issue. —Ed. THE ICONS THE TOTAL PACKAGE Funny Bunny • Passion • Strawberry Margarita Cajun Shrimp • I’m Not Really a Waitress Lincoln Park After Dark ADD-ON KITS THE BEAUTIFULS Alpine Snow Samoan Sand Pompeii Purple Miami Beet Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not My Private Jet THE ROMANTICS Kyoto Pearl Bubble Bath Princesses Rule! A Grape Fit! Pink Flamenco OPI Ink. THE SIRENS Cosmo-Not Tonight, Honey! A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find Big Apple Red Bastille My Heart Bogota Blackberry Malaga Wine THE TRENDSETTERS Brisbane Bronze You Don’t Know Jacques! Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow Suzi Says Feng Shui Russian Navy Black Onyx OPI COLOR AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT Advertise Yourself I had another great story I just had to share with you and all of the great NAILPRO readers out there!! When you featured my flower power nails in your June issue, I was so proud of it! I, of course, had to show it off to everyone in my salon. Well, as I was walking around showing all of the nail techs and stylists that I made it into the June issue, I had clients who were sitting in their chairs who also wanted to share in the moment, and asked to see what all the fuss was about. Once they saw that my work was featured in the beautiful NAILPRO layout, some of those clients asked what I charge and booked an appointment with me right on the spot! The best part of the story is that those clients were just there to get their hair done. Word of mouth is spreading quickly! Some of them that used to go elsewhere to get their full sets done have told me they come to me just for my nail designs because they love the art that I do. The client I had today comes to me every two weeks all excited because she can’t wait to see what I’ll come up with next! She was excited to hear that my client’s nails were featured in the September 2010 issue, which sits on my station for all to see. I told her, “Hey, you Call 800.341.9999 or visit ©2011 OPI Products Inc. 42 NAILPRO DECEMBER 2 0 11

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Nailpro - December 2011
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Nailpro - December 2011