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SAVVY SALON by Jackie Green Nail Lounge ick and Jennie Brown take pride in their family-owned nail boutique and spa, where they believe in quality over quantity. Jennie’s parents, siblings and cousins work alongside her and Nick to provide a luxury-lounge ambiance. The family effortlessly strikes a balance between knowing their clients well while treating them as VIP guests every time they come for a service. The 8-year-old salon moved its location two years ago to an affluent Detroit neighborhood, providing a distinct nail scene with a chic and modern feel. Velvet N 5 Reasons Customer service is very important to Nick and the family, and it shows. They know most of their clients by name and give each service a personal touch. The staff is friendly and professional and clients are greeted upon arrival so that they’re not awkwardly looking for someone or questioning whether or not they’ll get an appointment if they walk in. The salon also has separate prices for manicures and pedicures for children age 8 and under in case families come in together or moms need a little one occupied. Why We Think It’s Fabulous 1 They give clients oodles of attention. are truly innovative themselves: they’ve created a patented DECO polish rack that holds 60 to 70 polish bottles and can be customized to match any salon setting. 2 Techs use cutting-edge products and services. In addition to offering a full-range of nail necessities, Velvet Nail Lounge also includes alternative services like organic gels and powder dip enhancements. Master techs ensure a first-time client will be satisfied with every service, every time. The spa not only stocks the newest products, but clients trust the recommendations of the techs—knowing the custom services are based on what will work best not what will make the most profit. And the owners The Velvet Nail Lounge uses sanitized and sterilized equipment (and they know the difference between the two) on each client. In addition, they offer “personal boxes” to purchase if a client feels more comfortable using her own tools. This tool kit includes a professional cuticle nipper, ingrown toenail nipper, nail clipper, cuticle pusher, nail file, nail buffer and a professional grade pumice stone. This attention to cleanliness permeates the lounge, where clients are immediately impressed with the cleanliness of the salon. 3 Sanitization standards are sky high. was apprehensive about introducing a nail salon because he wanted to maintain a high-class feel in the premiere business community. Nick and his family’s professionalism demonstrates how they got into the desirable space and have improved it. The environment is both contemporary and comfortable. The pristine presence is perfectly blended with animal print and framed with tranquility and comfort. The style passes scrutiny well in the plaza where Velvet Nail Lounge resides. Nick explains how the fastidious plaza owner 4 Client comfort reigns supreme. Promoting a business with so many competitors in the beauty industry can be difficult. Velvet Nail Lounge has found the key. For starters, Nick and Jennie knew who their clientele would be and, therefore, understood the importance of being able to speak fluent English. (Jennie and her family are Vietnamese.) They also pride themselves on being known for providing exceptional services at reasonable prices. The salon utilizes media, print and word-ofmouth marketing, and advertises without complicated ads or erroneous promises. Their smart website is interactive and they have a strong and visible presence on Facebook. They’ve even asked the visitors of the salon’s website to vote for it as 2011 Best Manicure/Pedicure in Detroit because they know how that will increase business. One thing’s for sure: our vote is in! 5 The marketing makes sense. 84 NAILPRO DECEMBER 2 0 11

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