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SAVVY SALON by Megan James B Well Manicured etween juggling family, work and the constant barrage of today’s technology, it’s no wonder that more and more women need someone to come to them for a little pampering. Melanie McCulley, mobile manicurist and owner of Well Manicured, has created a thriving business around this 21st century demand. Her decision to offer portable pampering in the Los Angeles area began 12 years ago, and now her “Mobile Beauty at Your Fingertips” offers the convenience of on-site nail services for business executives, special events, celebrities and for clients unable to leave their homes. “I love [to make] house calls for female executives who don’t have time for themselves,” she says. “I like the flexibility. … I make myself available for clients.” Why We Think It’s Fabulous 5 Reasons 1 Building relationships is key. McCulley comes from a long line of beauty-driven family members who understand that creating a connection between technician and client is important for repeat business. But for Well Manicured, it’s even more critical that McCulley earns clients’ trust; after all, they are allowing her into their personal lives—at the office or in their own homes. “[Growing] relationships solidifies my clientele,” explains McCulley. And gaining that connection comes fairly naturally, given her professionalism and flawless work. want gel manicures, but she can also do a mean set of acrylics. “I’m a manicurist from the 90s!” she boasts. 3 She has a cutting-edge business sense. 2 She keeps her skill set sharp. McCulley has been in the nail business for 14 years, and her ability to create personalized services isn’t something you achieve overnight. It’s important for her to stay on top of trends, which provided the impetus for her to become an educator for Hand and Nail Harmony. She also prides herself on being trained in every medium, allowing her to cater to all types of client. For instance, McCulley finds that her celebrity clients always Part of the success of a mobile business is the understanding that a tech must be accommodating. Therefore, McCulley works with flexible business hours that can be adapted to individual client’s needs. Part of being flexible also means occasionally thinking outside of the box: McCulley has found that her clients crave a sun-kissed glow, so she has adopted inhome spray tanning as part of her services. Further, McCulley acknowledges that being tech savvy gives her business an added leg up; Well Manicured provides its clients with easy and secure mobile payment options using Paynet Systems, a downloadable smartphone app. kept by the client. She also likes to use little paper lunch sacks for her trash, as they are not only cute but also keep things contained for hassle-free cleanup. McCulley brings in all of the supplies to do her job and makes sure that she doesn’t leave anything behind except a fabulous set of nails. 5 Believe it or not, there’s a big market for mobile services. 4 Everything used is disposable. Hygiene, or lack thereof, can make or break a tech’s business, especially when working in someone’s home. McCulley utilizes tools that can be thrown out or “People can’t wrap their head around [the fact] that I only do mobile … [but] there’s definitely a need for it in L.A.,” says McCulley. From actresses waiting on set between scenes to women at home taking care of their kids, Well Manicured enables the multi-tasking woman to pencil in a manicure while still “doing it all.” McCulley’s clients love the fact that they can get a quality and safe manicure/pedicure wherever they are, “and they’re willing to pay for it,” notes McCulley. She particularly loves her evening appointments with busy moms: “The kids go to bed at 7:45 p.m., and she’s got her glass of wine and loves it,” enthuses McCulley. 96 NAILPRO SEPTEMBER 2012

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Nailpro - September 2012
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Nailpro - September 2012