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TABLE OF CONTENTS 40 BEAUTY ESSENTIALS Necessities 28 The industry’s leading ladies spill about their beauty bag must-haves. 39 5-Minute Makeup 30 She’s a Natural Get the techniques and tips for a quick routine. Hair Care 34 Mane Event Treat and repair your hair at any age. Face Forward 36 Vital Skin Anti-aging moisturizers for all skin types. FASHION ESSENTIALS Must Haves 38 Winter Warmer Staple pieces for a hotter you this winter. 28 Accessorize 39 Gild the Lily Complete your look with nature-inspired gems. Owner vs. Tech 40 Leopard Blouse Adjust your style based on your salon role. One Look Three Ways 42 Leggings Dress up your wardrobe staple—black leggings. 42 HEALTH ESSENTIALS Healthy Eating 44 Eat This, Not That Make some of your favorite indulgences leaner. BUSINESS ESSENTIALS Looking for additional training? Find out where to get it. Get Fit 46 Continuing Education 56 Bank Loans: 101 58 Work It In Fitness expert Elvia Franco shares how to exercise while at work. Suze Orman will prepare you for your next big step. Quick Meals 48 Dinner Done Right Use a reformed recipe for a quick, easy, healthy meal. Essential Stats 60 Compare yourself to your peers with the results of the acclaimed NAILPRO survey. 36 Recipes 49 IN EVERY ISSUE Editorial 24 LIFE ESSENTIALS Marketplace Plus 68 What I Love About My Job 50 Ad Index 70 Real techs from around the country Last Look 72 Trim Treats Grab-and-go snacks that are good for you. share what makes their career special. Smile Lines 52 Get inspired by nail techs’ stories. Client Relations 54 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Read the shocking, funny and endearing tales of memorable clients. 22 NAILPRO ESSENTIALS 2 0 11 COVER CREDITS Nails: Melissa Bozant; Makeup: Michelle Tabor-Ramos, AIM Artists; Hair: Jacqueline Bush, AIM Artists; Photography: Armando Sanchez; Model: Adele Udo,, Body Parts Models; Digital Imaging: Jaison Duell Wilson; Art Director: Patricia Quon-Sandberg.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Nailpro Essentials 2011

Nailpro Essentials 2011
Table of Contents
5-Minute Makeup
Hair Care
Face Forward
Must Haves
Owner vs. Tech
One Look Three Ways
Healthy Eating
Get Fit
Quick Meals
What I Love About My Job
Smile Lines
Client Relations
Continuing Education
Bank Loans: 101
Essential Stats
Marketplace Plus
Ad Index
Last Look

Nailpro Essentials 2011