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EDITORIAL A New Adventure AILPRO’s 13th issue has gone through a number of transformations through the years. For a long time it was known as the Gold Book, which, back in the day, was a tremendous resource for manufacturer and distributor information, associations and industry services, not unlike a nail industry version of the Yellow Pages. In 2008, struggling to keep the Gold Book fresh, we decided to update the illustrious handbook. To begin with, the name was changed to Essentials, as we felt this supplement should be made up of all the indispensable information that NAILPRO has to offer. We streamlined the information listings, added a section that showcased the best products— the essentials, if you will—from the last year and featured stories and photos from superstar nail artists to provide you with the ultimate in inspiration. However, as much as we tried to improve it, we simply weren’t hitting the mark. Just as the notorious Yellow Pages that used to be delivered to our front doors has become practically obsolete, so has the erstwhile supplement to NAILPRO. We realized that Essentials wasn’t just in need of an improvement; it needed a complete regeneration. After countless months of toiling away, combined with a healthy amount of blood, sweat and tears, I proudly present the new and improved Essentials. Not quite a consumer magazine, and not quite trade, this hybrid aims to exist as the best of both worlds: think Marie Claire, O Magazine and Woman’s World meet NAILPRO. In other words, this fashion/beauty/lifestyle magazine has content developed specifically for you, the nail professional. The beauty pages contain tips for a makeup application that you can do as you’re running out the door to drop off the kids at school and get to the salon; the fashion pages provide you with trendy options geared to your lifestyle and budget; you’ll find exercises that you can do in between appointments; and hilarious (and ghastly) stories about clients that only you would appreciate. And despite the transformation, one Fashion stylist Lisa Zuckerman and I dress element remains the same: the survey. As always, the mannequin for you’ll be able to see how you stack up compared to “Owner vs. Tech.” the rest of the industry in pricing, retailing, services and more. I hope you enjoy this very first magazine of its kind as much as we do. After all, it was created just for you! N Stephanie Yaggy NAILPRO Executive Editor Check Out the NAILPRO iPad App: Go to iTunes and download our free app to read NAILPRO on the iPad or iPhone. 24 NAILPRO ESSENTIALS 2 0 11

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Nailpro Essentials 2011

Nailpro Essentials 2011
Table of Contents
5-Minute Makeup
Hair Care
Face Forward
Must Haves
Owner vs. Tech
One Look Three Ways
Healthy Eating
Get Fit
Quick Meals
What I Love About My Job
Smile Lines
Client Relations
Continuing Education
Bank Loans: 101
Essential Stats
Marketplace Plus
Ad Index
Last Look

Nailpro Essentials 2011