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BEAUTY 5-Minute Makeup No time for full makeup? No worries! Use these tips for a natural-looking She’s a Natural finished face in just five minutes. “Clean makeup always appears effortlessly chic, says editorial makeup artist Lusine. ” Follow her steps for quick and naturally beautiful makeup. STEP Apply a tinted moisturizer to impart a sheer, lightweight finish. Dab on the forehead, down the nose and chin, and across each cheek using your fingers or a sponge to blend. Don’t forget to blend along the jawline and down the neck. 1 STEP 30 NAILPRO ESSENTIALS 2 0 11 PHOTOS: ARMANDO SANCHEZ Use concealer to spot-treat any unevenness in skin tone, including redness, blemishes and dark circles. Use a color that is one shade lighter than your skin to brighten up and conceal under your eyes. Make sure to blend the edges of your coverage into the skin. 2

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Nailpro Essentials 2011

Nailpro Essentials 2011
Table of Contents
5-Minute Makeup
Hair Care
Face Forward
Must Haves
Owner vs. Tech
One Look Three Ways
Healthy Eating
Get Fit
Quick Meals
What I Love About My Job
Smile Lines
Client Relations
Continuing Education
Bank Loans: 101
Essential Stats
Marketplace Plus
Ad Index
Last Look

Nailpro Essentials 2011