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HEALTH Get Fit Work It In Find time for fitness in between clients with these four simple moves. ncorporate these four sensible exercises from Elvia Stepan, founder of Psyche Fitness in Naples, Florida, at your workstation, in your break room or in your office and never mutter the “no time to exercise“ excuse again. No matter your level of athleticism or your schedule, these moves will help you shape up and appear salon savvy in no time. 1 I 2 Wall Push-Up The wall push-up works the chest, triceps and shoulders. (1) Start by facing the wall an arm’s length away with feet slightly apart and legs straight but not locked. (2) Place hands onto wall slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. (3) Inhale and bend elbows to lower your head and chest toward the wall, coming close to it but not touching it. (4) Exhale while pushing back to a standing position. (The further your feet are from the wall, the more difficult this will be.) Do this three to 20 times depending on your strength. Chair Squats Stepan encourages squats because they’re really beneficial and “doable.” (1) Place a chair behind you (a stationary one without wheels) and stand in front of it with your feet shoulder-width apart. (2) Bend your knees and squat until you’re hovering just over the chair. (3) Hold for a second, then stand back up. You can do this throughout the day or begin with a few continuous reps and increase them as you go. Squats are key to toning and working your gluts, thighs and lower back. 1 2 Figure 8 Stretch There are countless ways to extend the neck, back, arms, hands, wrists, legs, hips and midsection. Stepan recommends a figure 8 movement for hips, lower body and core. While sitting in a chair or stool with wheels, use your hips and mid-section to move the chair in a figure 8 pattern. Repeat the pattern one to eight times depending on your level of fitness. 1 2 Jumping Jacks Here’s where you can easily mix in some fun cardio. “Exercise shouldn’t have to be a chore,” says Stepan. (1) Start with your feet together and arms at your side. (2) Jump to position with your legs spread and your hands touching overhead, (3) then jump to return to the beginning position. Do as many jumping jacks as you can to increase your energy and get full body movement throughout the day. PHOTOS: ARMANDO SANCHEZ 46 NAILPRO ESSENTIALS 2 0 11

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Nailpro Essentials 2011
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