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LIFE Client Relations The Good, the Bad and the Ugly NAILPRO readers share their best and worst client moments. (Identities left anonymous to protect the innocent, of course!) SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY “Working in the second oldest town in the state has its perks! The ladies here still believe in Southern belles and hospitality. One of my ladies always included me in her church functions even though I couldn’t be there. One Saturday, they were having a Ladies’ Tea. She walked into the salon with a beautiful tea tray complete with crystal stemware and a china tea cup, finger sandwiches, cheesecake squares, and her famous spreads and homemade bread. Needless to say, I felt very special.” BRIGHT MAN ICURE “I had a gentleman come in on a regular basis for manicures and pedicures. He is just a couple years older then myself—so we’ll say 40 years old. He always asked for some strange color for his pedicure. The first time I saw him he wanted neon pink! I figured he was joking. But nope—that’s what he wanted. So that’s what he got. He loved it. I knew it was going to be a good day when I saw him on my books. ” THREE SHEETS TO THE SPA “When I was working in a spa we had a customer come in for a package day. After her facial, she came to get a manicure. However, she was so drunk, she had to be pushed in an office chair to the stations, which she actually fell out of at the table. We had to call someone to come get her. SHIRTING THE ISSUE “One afternoon in the summer I was wearing a pink blouse with white pin stripes with navy slacks. The client said to me that she hated my blouse. [According to her,] it was ugly and reminded her of Christmas peppermints that are red and white. She asked if I would go borrow a hair salon cape to cover up! I said no and ignored her, but she kept at it. She then said that the stripes were making her sick. She called the next day to make a change to her standing appointment and asked if I would kindly BIRTHDAY BASH “I have a client now that decided to shower me on my birthday—lunch, flowers, cupcakes and gift card. Wonderful woman! This same client wanted to buy me a new camera after I thought I lost mine. ” DARK MATTER “I once sent a client to the bathroom to scrub before we polished, and she came back with brown stuff under all five nails on one hand. She took a nail from her other hand to scoop it out, smelled it, said ‘chocolate,’ then wiped it on her pants. I know she wasn’t scooping up chocolate in the bathroom!” 54 NAILPRO ESSENTIALS 2 0 11 PHOTOS (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT): ARMANDO SANCHEZ; HEMERA/©THINKSTOCKPHOTOS.COM; ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM; ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM not wear that blouse again, because she was still thinking about how ugly it was. Thankfully, she moved out of the area within a few months. About a year later, she called and wanted back on my schedule. I politely said that I was full. Later she told her friend (another client of mine whose nails I’ve been doing for 12 years) that she thought I wouldn’t take her back because I got my feelings hurt over ‘some ugly blouse.’” She sat in the back, passed out, drooling on herself in our office chair for an hour, waiting for her ride. We kept walking back to check on her, and there she was, head hung down, mumbling something, eyes closed. ” http://www.ISTOCKPHOTO.COM http://www.ISTOCKPHOTO.COM

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Nailpro Essentials 2011
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