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n fashion Browns are very big this year,” said Bob Wilkinson, co-owner of Wilkinson’s Men’s Wear in downtown Sudbury. “We’ve had the greys and blues and blacks for so long that browns mixed with those colours are very strong (in fashion now).” Other colours making an appearance this fall include rusty red, bright red, and hues of orange. “We’re always a bit behind the women,” Wilkinson added. So in some cases, like the hot olive colour that’s showing up in many women’s clothes this fall, a new colour won’t appear in some men’s clothing until the following season. But men’s fashion is keeping pace with the trend for clothing made in a slimmer silhouette. “We’re seeing stretch pants that offer a snugger, slimmer fit,” he said, adding that flat-front pants have become a wardrobe essential, as have tapered shirts. “ BROWN closet comes out of the “The baggy look we’ve had for 20 years is over. No more wide shoulders and doublepleated pants,” he said. Just as the garments themselves have become more svelte, so have their accessories. Men’s shoes are moving away from the boxy toe to a neater, tapered toe. And ties are getting a little narrower and can be found in shades of browns and blues or browns and blacks. “Designers have even mixed the browns and the blacks in the suits,” Wilkinson said. “They’re easing the men into the browns by mixing black with it, so all of a sudden it’s not a brown suit anymore, which some men might not be too keen on wearing.” An example of this new look would be a dark brown suit woven with a black pinstripe. Many suits are adorned with two-button closures at the front and the lapels, like the ties, are narrowing. “Usually the lapels are the same width as the tie,” he said. Men who like to dress casually also have some appealing options this fall. “We have plenty of casual sports jackets that a person can wear with jeans or turtlenecks or something. We have some nice leather sports jackets too that come in a nice brushed suede-type leather, which is selling well,” Wilkinson added. Men can wear the jacket as a windbreaker at night when it’s cool or wear it with jeans, over a casual shirt. “Some of the jackets have a little leather trim on them, which you can wear with your stretch-cotton flat-front pant or regular jeans that come in different colours, like the browns, the blacks and the blues,” he said. “We try to make the average guy look above-average,” Wilkinson said. “We don’t want to make him too fashion forward, but if we can move him up a notch, then we’ve done our job. Men need to be pushed, but just a little bit.” SL A unique destination for fashion integrated I Pod control system underarm zipped vents breathable fabric construction with fully-taped seams transparent pocket with construction with built-in black box operating system ZegnaSport 17 Young Street Capreol • 858-1866 118 DURHAM STREET 675-6710 WWW.REGWILKINSON.CA 38 Sudbury Living Fall 2007 http://WWW.REGWILKINSON.CA http://WWW.REGWILKINSON.CA

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Sudbury Living - September 2007