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■ food In the prime of life Mr. Prime Rib’s Marc Senechal cooks classic comfort food. Prime Rib’s top chef Marc Senechal makes cooking look easy. As he deftly carves through a prime-rib roast, he makes casual conversation about what it’s been like to work in a kitchen where he’s been hustling everything from dirty plates to desserts for more than two decades. He assembles a perfect plate of juicy triple-A beef, steamed asparagus, roasted red potatoes and toasty Yorkshire pudding in record speed; and yet there is nothing quick about the meal he has prepared. Like any skilled craftsman, the ease with which he practises his trade is testament to the tremendous effort he makes, day after day, at the popular New Sudbury restaurant. “Prime rib is my favourite meal to make,” Senechal said. The chef, who was born and raised in New Sudbury, says he is not comfortable talking about his accomplishments. He prefers to stay behind the scenes preparing “good, comfortable food” that needs no explaining. “We’re not a fancy, complicated restaurant,” said owner Sam Roumanes. “We pride ourselves on being able to offer really good food that brings people back again and again.” That’s a principle Senechal has happily abided by since the first time he stepped foot in the restaurant 23 years ago. “I started off working here as a dishwasher at 15 (years of age) he recalled. “It was a good job because I could walk to work.” Senechal grew to love working in the kitchen. After being on dish-duty, he put together salads, moved onto the broiler station, and later started to take on the more challenging role of cook. Each step of the way, he mastered the steps involved with putting out a first class meal. “Marc is an integral part of our restaurant’s operation,” said Roumanes, whose parents, George and Helen, originally hired Senechal. “I’ve been working with him since he started here. It’s almost like a brotherly relationship.” Senechal, a graduate of MacDonald Cartier Secondary School, enrolled in Cambrian College’s chef apprentice program in the early 1990s. “He’s the type of guy who needs no direction at all,” Roumanes said. CONTINUED ON PAGE 18 Winter 2007 Sudbury Living BY WENDY BIRD Mr. 17

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