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■ dr i n k Sipping News BY WENDY BIRD BY WENDY BIRD PHOTO BY WENDY BIRD MARK GREGORINI, CO-OWNER OF RISTORANTE VERDICCHI0 ON KELLY LAKE RD., ENCOURAGES DINERS TO BE ADVENTUROUS WITH THEIR WINE SELECTIONS. PH O T O BY MARG SEREGELYI s there such a thing as the perfect glass of wine? If you ask the experts in the food and wine industry, they’ll say the answer all depends on what you’re eating. The old adage red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat and fish is partially true, but don’t rule out a wine type simply because of its colour, say the folks at the LCBO. The challenge is to find the type of wine that complements what you’re eating. Mark Gregorini, co-owner of Ristorante Verdicchio in Greater Sudbury’s South End, has built his business, and his wine cellar, based on this principle. “Why limit yourself to a few different wines,” he said, as he weaves his way through one of his three wine cellars. “If you open up your mind to new options, you might enjoy your meal even more.” I Gregorini started collecting wines shortly after he and his mother, Willie, opened the restaurant in 1994. He started his cellar with 16 bottles of wine and has grown it over the last 12 years to a staggering 7,000. “I noticed more people were asking to try different wines,” he said. “So I decided to import unique wines from France, California and Italy. But it wasn’t long before I decided to import wines solely from Italy. There’s so much in Italy to choose from.” Focusing on Italian wines, enables the Gregorini family to highlight the restaurant’s menu of Italian food, which includes homemade capicollo, prosciutto, homemade pastas, veal, Alberta beef and lamb. “Italian food is not complicated. We try to concentrate on the main flavours in the dish and we like to pair an appropriate Italian wine with that,” he explained. CONTINUED ON PAGE 20 Winter 2007 Sudbury Living 19

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