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SECTION REPORTS STROPER NOITCES SAN FERNANDO VALLEY SECTION noon to 1:30 pm, at Ezra Brutzkus Gubner LLP, 21650 Oxnard St., Suite 500, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. The topic was “How to Draft HR Policies Consistent with Your Practices in Today’s Workplace” and was prepolicies to edit for their own firms regarding Harassment and Discrimination, including the new GINA Regulations, Workplace Violence, and The SFV Section meeting was held on Thursday, May 19th, from sented by Jaenene Geiger-Maldonado, PHR. Attendees received sample & Co. hosted the lunch. There were 8 attendees, seven in person and for Thursday, August 18, 2011, from noon to 1:30 pm and Debbie Kleinman of Communique is sponsoring the event. MULTI-OFFICE SECTION ing via video courtesy of Gibson Dunn. Topics discussed: town and Century City, a group of Orange County members participateconomy is recovering, is there pressure to give greater increases to retain talent? There was no clear consensus on the monetary aspect, and this could become a retention factor. but some are hearing staff grumbling about burnout due to increased Data management (emails) - More firms are using systems like workload resulting from staffing constraints and belt tightening when FileSite to archive and manage email in a centralized way. the economy dipped in 2008-2010. Now that business activity has increased in many firms, staff are expecting more help to ease the load, to attorneys finds that iPad use has reduced attorneys’ urge to print everything on paper. The “Pages” app has proven useful and easy to to enforce these behaviors. iPads and other tablet computers - A firm which provides them Cost of living raise expectations for secretaries - Now that the The June 9 quarterly meeting was hosted by Reed Smith in downone by conference call. The Evaluations completed reflect the session Social Media. The session qualified for one hour of CLM credit. Bolton was very well received. The SFV Section’s next meeting is scheduled adopt for document storage. There is the unresolved issue of staff “playing” vs working when bringing iPads to work, and no realistic way needs to be free at all times. Another shared that they don’t permit any visibly gives a poor impression regarding customer service. Staff access to the firm’s email and other systems from home mal policy of allowing music to be played in one earbud only - one ear earbuds in Office Services or other support services department, as it - One firm simply blocks access for all non-exempt staff, and temporary a policy requiring all staff to consistently enable their “Out of Office” email message, so anyone trying to contact them is notified that the August / September 2011 staff member won’t be reviewing email until the next business day. access can be enabled on a special needs basis only. Another firm has Personal phones in the workplace (by staff) - One firm has a forcounting dept. Others have a dedicated Risk Management department or Business Intake department, with specialists responding to inquiries submitted via a group d-list (“All Conflicts”). smith.com. For more information, please contact John Purins: jvpurins@reedMembers Calendar to register and for updates regarding the meeting. Who does conflict checks? - At one firm this is done by the Ac- Next meeting: Aug. 11, 2011. Please join us, and use the GLAALA AMERICAN LANGUAGE SERVICES CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS TRANSLATING & INTERPRETING ALL LANGUAGES LEGAL CORPORATE TECHNICAL WORLDWIDE COVERAGE TRANSCRIPTIONS EXPERT WITNESS TESTIMONY NATIONWIDE OFFICES Making the World a Little Smaller Established 1985 Excellent Rates Call Dina Spevack 310.829.0741 x303 800.951.5020 www.alsglobal.net American Language Services : Dina Spevack GLA ALA Leadership Exchange Magazine 1/4 pg Ad 2011 3.625" x 4.875" Prepared by Kathye Hicks 310.826.0104 c310.916.7700 kh.la@verizon.net 2/11/11 Merrill Corporation’s Document Service Centers We deliver cost-effective on-site solutions Scan, Copy and Print • Litigation Production Support Records Management • Receptionist Management Hospitality Services • Mail, Messenger and Supply Management Tim Sheehan 949.622.0650 tim.sheehan@merrillcorp.com 16842 Von Karman Avenue, Suite #375 Irvine, CA 92606 M E R R I L L C O R P O R A T I O N 15 http://www.alsglobal.net

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Leadership Exchange - August/September 2011
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Leadership Exchange - August/September 2011