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COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAM Maricela D. Gonzalez maricela.gonzalez@molinahealthcare.com 562-435-3666 This year our new President, Jean Jewell, has given us her mesof our Leadership Exchange magazine. Read all about what they do ported is Shoes That Fit. Through our efforts, our association was sage of “moving forward” and that is just what our association and community outreach volunteers have begun doing to make this next Justice Jog 5K Walk/Run event taking place on Sunday, October year’s Justice Jog event even more successful than ever. The Justice mittee chair, Norma Ayala, told her committee members, “We are in munity Challenge Weekend. Jog committee has been formed and preparations have begun for our 2, 2011 in the Century City Westfield Shopping Center. As our comfull motion, all engines operating in full throttle!” And we are! Everyone is very excited and looking forward to our Association’s Comyear in October the ALA local chapters participate nationally in a very successful annual Justice Jog events and we are sure the next one will be even better. vidually if you firm does not have a team; you can be a volunteer on to get involved, join and/or make contributions. So, save the date and get involved. There charitable activity of their choosing. GLA ALA has now had three are endless ways in which you can participate. For example, you can create a team with your firm and join as a team; you can join indithe Justice Jog Committee; you can volunteer on the weekend of the organization was featured in my article in the June/July, 2011 issue Justice Jog event; and you can spread the word and persuade others For those of you who are not familiar with this program, each This year, we are going to raise money for CASA L.A. This amazing 22 MARGORP HCAERTUO YTINUMMOC for the children of our community. You may visit their website at www.casala.org. The most recent non-profit organization we supable to present a check in the amount of $6500 to this charitable organization last year. This year we want to do better and we will. The benefits to the non-profits are not only monetary. Through the marketing efforts made as a group while promoting the Justice Jog, these worthy causes. there is increased awareness about the remarkable results achieved by the work of individuals in our surrounding communities as we continue to invite our members to participate with us in supporting reach committee is always looking for additional members to support our charitable organizations. If you have thought about volunteering, but think that perhaps your busy schedule will not allow it, We can never have too many helping hands. The Community Outlet me know and we can come up with creative ways to utilize your skills and talents. You’ll be surprised about how good it feels to help out in some way, even for just a few hours. You may contact me at (562) 435-3666, Ext. 114680 or send an e-mail to maricela.gonzalez@molinahealthcare.com. I look forward to hearing from you. Greater Los Angeles Leadership Exchange http://www.casala.org

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Leadership Exchange - August/September 2011
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Leadership Exchange - August/September 2011